Current Postdocs

NES unit Name Project
LES Alina Yapparowa COTHERM
LES Dan Miron ThermAc
LES Benjamin Cvetkovic C-14

Current PhD Students

NES unit Name Title Supervisor
LES Silvan Wick PhD topic: Sorption properties of thallium on clay minerals and Mn-oxides (birnessite) and speciation and solubility of thallium in soils  
LES Andrea Mancini PhD topic: Thermodynamics and spectroscopic investigations of Fe and S speciation in anoxic cementitious systems  
LES Leonardo Hax Damiani PhD topic: Modelling transport across reactive interfaces  
LES Yanhua Chen PhD topic: Retardation of low-molecular weight organic compounds in clays Dr. U. Mäder, Universität Bern
Dr. M. Glaus, Dr. L. Van Loon and Dr. E. Wieland, PSI
LES Cornelia Wigger PhD topic: Anion accessibility in low argillaceous rocks (ANPOR) Dr. U. Mäder, Universität Bern
Dr. L. Van Loon, Dr. Th. Gimmi, PSI
LES Annamária Kéri PhD topic: Detailed understanding of metal adsorption on clay minerals obtained by combining atomistic simulation and X-ray spectroscopy Prof. S. Churakov, Universität Bern and PSI, Dr. R. Dähn, PSI

Past PhD Students

NES unit Name Title Link to thesis
LES Amir Shafizadeh PhD topic: Porosity and structural changes at cement/clay interfaces and their relations to transport properties  
LES Jenna Poonoosamy PhD topic: Dissolution-Precipitation in Porous Media: Experiments and Modelling Thesis
LES Daniela Soltermann PhD topic: Ferrous iron uptake mechanisms at the montmorillonite-water interface under anoxic and electrochemically reduced conditions Diss., ETH Zürich, Nr. 22103


NES unit Name Course University
LES Prof. Dr. Sergey Churakov Crystal Optics Universität Bern
LES Prof. Dr. Sergey Churakov Crystallography I + II and Practical Course Universität Bern
LES PD Dr. Wolfgang Hummel Nuclear Energy Systems ETH Zürich
LES PD Dr. Wolfgang Hummel Landfilling, Contaminated Sites and Radioactive Waste Repositories ETH Zürich
LES PD Dr. Georg Kosakowski Geostatistics Universität Bern
LES Dr. Enzo Curti Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Universität Bern
LES Dr. Thomas Gimmi Geochemical Modelling II: Reactive-Transport Modelling (prer) Universität Bern
LES Dr. Wilfried Pfingsten Modelling of Processes in Soils and Aquifers ETH Zürich