Research Cooperations and Research Partners


  • Major financial contribution
  • Various technical working groups

Multinational Projects


  • Bern, Switzerland: Mineralogy, petrography, water chemistry, C-14 AMS
  • EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, and UB, Dijon, France: Cement systems, molecular modelling
  • ETH, Zürich, Switzerland: GEMS
  • Helsinki, Finland: GEMS

Research Centres

  • CEA, France: Near- and far-field
  • CIEMAT, Spain: Colloids
  • EMPA, Switzerland: Cement
  • IRE-HZDR, Germany: XAS, TRLFS
  • INE-KIT, Germany: Near- and far-field, TRLFS
  • SCK/CEN, Belgium: Clay and cement systems
  • UFZ, Germany: Reactive transport
  • BRGM, France: Sorption