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Lectures / Seminars

Date Time Presenter Topic Place Abstract
Monday 21 November 2016 16:00 Ralf Haese Uncertainties in the prediction of fluid-rock reactions in a CO2 storage reservoir OFLG/402 Abstract
Wednesday 9 November 2016 10:30 Matthias Willmann Connectivity - a key to upscaling complex subsurface problems OHSA/E13 Abstract
Friday 22 July 2016 10:00 Alexander P. Gysi Application of the MINES thermodynamic database to simulate crustal fluid-rock systems OFLA/209 Abstract
Thursday 21 April 2016 13:00 Christophe Tournassat Diffusion in clays: molecular scale view, continuum scale modeling and importance of microstructure OFLG/402 Abstract
Friday 8 April 2016 11:00 Thomas Chwalek What determines the flux of reduced substances from lake sediments? OFLA/209 Abstract
Monday 21 December 2015 09:00 Kerda Keevend Microwave-hydrothermal synthesis of water-dispersible luminescent nanoparticles of yttrium phosphates and fluorides doped with Nd3+ ion OHLD/011 Abstract
Tuesday 8 December 2015 09:00 Andrea Mancini Origin of the compositional diversity in the basalt‐to‐dacite series erupted along the Heiðarsporður ridge, NE Iceland OFLA/209 Abstract
Wednesday 2 December 2015 12:30 Nicola Döbelin Synthetic bone graft substitutes: Development of a ready‐to‐use bone cement OHSA/E13  
Wednesday 7 October 2015 14:00 Dr. Inna Kurganskaya Kinetic Monte Carlo modeling of mineral dissolution inspired by experimental observations OFLA/209  
Tuesday 22 September 2015 14:30 Emmanuel Müller Toxicity of engineered copper (Cu(0)) nanoparticles to the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii OHSA/E13 Abstract
Tuesday 22 September 2015 11:00 Latina Nedyalkova Petrology, geochemistry and emplacement age of a pegmatite from the Texel complex, South Tyrol, Italy OHSA/E13 Abstract
Tuesday 22 September 2015 09:00 Dina Klimentyeva Microstructures of kimberlites from Kaatronlampi (Finland) OHSA/E13 Abstract
Wednesday 8 July 2015 15:30 Henar Rojo The retention of Se under oxidizing and reducing conditions in the cementitious near-field of a repository for radioactive waste OFLA/209 Abstract
Monday 6 July 2015 13:30 Jebril Hadi Investigation on the redox properties of structural iron in smectites OHSA/E13 Abstract
Tuesday 23 June 2015 12:30 Sabine Spiessl Probabilistic uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for repository systems OFLA/209 Abstract
Tuesday 26 May 2015 10:00 Jeffrey G. Catalano Molecular Interactions of Uranium and Phosphate in Subsurface Sediments OHSA/E13 Abstract
Friday 20 March 2015 10:00 Georgia Cametti Thermal stability of natural zeolites: in situ single-crystal X-ray investigation of scolecite and chiavennite OFLA/209 Abstract

Conferences / Workshops / Meetings

Date Topic Place Link
22 - 24 May 2016 4th International Workshop on Mechanisms and Modelling of Waste/Cement Interactions Murten Switzerland Website
23 - 24 April 2015 IMMORAD Project Meeting 2015: Basic research on the immobilization of long-lived radionuclides by interaction with relevant secondary repository phases PSI OFLG/402 Website
20 - 22 April 2015 Three – day GEMS training course PSI OFLG/402 Website
25 - 26 August 2014 14. Koordinierungsgespräch HZDR/IRE - PSI/LES PSI OHSA/E13 Program
30 June - 01 July 2014 21. Koordinierungsgespräch KIT/INE - PSI/LES PSI OFLG/402 Program
20 - 22 May 2014 Actinide XAS 2014 - 7th Workshop on Speciation, Techniques, and Facilities for Radioactive Materials at Synchrotron Light Sources Schloss Böttstein, Switzerland Website
05 - 07 March 2014 TRePro III 2014 - A workshop on Modelling of Coupled Transport Reaction Processes Akademie Hotel Karlsruhe, Germany Website