LEC Seminar

Die Seminare finden im Raum ODRA/111 jeweils am Mittwoch um 11:00 Uhr statt. Externe Gäste (ausserhalb des PSI) sind willkommen, werden aber gebeten, sich im Labor-Sekretariat bei Frau Cordelia Gloor unter Tel.: +41 56 310 2919 oder per e-mail anzumelden.

Lectures take place in room ODRA/111 on every Wednesday at 11:00 am. External guests (from outside PSI) are welcome, but are requested to register with our secretary Cordelia Gloor at phone: +41 56 310 2919 or via e-mail.
Date Speaker Topic Moderator

Wednesday 22 May 2019
9-16h KuK Kultur- und Kongresshaus, Aarau, Switzerland
6 speakers 35th Swiss Electrochemistry Symposium
Topic: On the Role of Batteries in Future Energy Systems
Registration: http//:www.psi.ch/ec19
F.N. Büchi

Wednesday 15 May 2019
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Wednesday 8 May 2019
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Wednesday 1 May 2019
--- No Seminar ---

Thursday 25 April 2019
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Mauro Povia ENE-Seminar
T.J. Schmidt

Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Wednesday 17 April 2019
Daniele Perego tbd tbd

Thursday 11 April 2019
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Fabio Oldenburg ENE-Seminar

Wednesday 10 April 2019
Michael Striednig tbd tbd

Thursday 4 April 2019
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Maria Victoria Manzi Orezzoli ENE-Seminar
P. Boillat

Wednesday 3 April 2019
Viktoriia Saveleva tbd tbd

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Christoph Csoklich tbd tbd

Thursday 21 March 2019
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Muriel Siegwart ENE-Seminar
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Studies with Neutrons: Beyond Transmission Imaging
P. Boillat

Wednesday 20 March 2019
--- No Seminar ---

Wednesday 13 March 2019
Mateusz Zlobinski Investigating overpotential origins through In-Operando neutron imaging of porous transport layers and catalyst coated membranes of PEM water electrolyzers P. Boillat

Wednesday 6 March 2019
Prof. Ueli Angst, visitor, ETH Zürich, Institute for Building Materials (IfB), Zürich Challenges and opportunities in corrosion of steel in concrete L. Gubler

Wednesday 27 February 2019
Anthony Boucly NAP-XPS: A tool to study the electrode/electrolyte interface E. Fabbri

Thursday 21 February 2019
11-12h OSGA/EG6
F.N. Büchi ENE-Seminar:
ECL/LEC Activities 2018 / Outlook 2019
T.J. Schmidt

Wednesday 20 February 2019
David Vonlanthen Nano-Polyelectrolyte (PBI, TPS) Membrane-Separators in Vanadium Flow Batteries L. Gubler

Friday 15 February 2019
13-14h OFLG/402
one speaker Internal Seminar T.J. Schmidt/E. Fabbri/M. Nachtegaal

Wednesday 13 February 2019
Marta Mirolo Combining different spectroscopy techniques to gain insights into the electrode-electrolyte interface in Li-ion batteries X. Wu

Friday 8 February 2019
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Baejung Joseph Kim ENE Seminar
Understanding Perovskites as Catalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Water Electrolysis
T.J. Schmidt

Wednesday 6 February 2019
13-14h OHSA/E13
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Wednesday 6 February 2019
--- No Seminar ---

Wednesday 30 January 2019
Maximilian Schuster Water-in-Salt Sodium-Ion Batteries – Establishing Testing Routines and Exploring Viable Cathode Materials C. Villevieille

Thursday 24 January 2019
10:30-12:30 Auditorium West
Felix N. Büchi ENE-Seminar „How to get to PSI?“
Antriebs-Technologien heute und morgen
T.J. Schmidt

Wednesday 23 January 2019
Magali Cochet Evaporation Cooling Concept for PEFC P. Boillat

Wednesday 16 January 2019
Laura Höltschi Cathode and method development: First stepping stones in understanding sulfide based all-solid-state batteries C. Villevieille

--- No ECL seminars December 19, 2018 until January 15, 2020 ---