LEC Seminar

Die Seminare finden im Raum ODRA/111 jeweils am Mittwoch um 16:00 Uhr statt. Externe Gäste (ausserhalb des PSI) sind willkommen, werden aber gebeten, sich im Labor-Sekretariat bei Frau Cordelia Gloor unter Tel.: +41 56 310 2919 oder per e-mail anzumelden.

Lectures take place in room ODRA/111 on every Wednesday at 4:00 pm. External guests (from outside PSI) are welcome, but are requested to register with our secretary Cordelia Gloor at phone: +41 56 310 2919 or via e-mail.
Date Speaker Topic Moderator

Wednesday 25 October 2017
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Wednesday 18 October 2017
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Thursday 12 October 2017
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Cyril Marino ENE-Seminar
C. Villevieille

Wednesday 11 October 2017
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Wednesday 4 October 2017
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Thursday 28 September 2017
11-12h PSI Auditorium West WHGA/001; 12:30h Poster session SLS entrance
Dr. Vojislav Stamenkovic, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL, USA *PSI Catalysis Symposium*
T.J.Schmidt/A. Patru

Thursday 21 September 2017
Juan Herranz ENE-Seminar
T.J. Schmidt

Wednesday 13 September 2017
Paul Kitz tbd tbd

Wednesday 6 September 2017
Fabio Oldenburg tbd tbd

--- Summer Holidays July 12-August 31, 2017 ---

Wednesday 5 July 2017
Xiaohan Wu Post-mortem und in-situ XPS characterization of the electrolyte-electrode interface in all-solid-state lithium-ion batteries using sulfur-based solid electrolyte G. Ferraresi

Friday 30 June 2017
08:30-09:30 ODRA/111
one speaker Internal Seminar S. Trabesinger

Wednesday 28 June 2017
Anastasia A. Permyakova Towards hydrocarbon fuels via electro-reduction of carbon dioxide J. Herranz

Thursday 22 June 2017
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Erik J. Berg ENE-Seminar
Operando electrochemical interface characterization: The case of Li-ion batteries
P. Novák

Wednesday 14 June 2017
--- No Seminar ---

Thursday 8 June 2017
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Olga Nibel ENE-Seminar
Highly selective ion-exchange membranes for all-vanadium redox flow batteries
L. Gubler

Tuesday 6 June 2017
14-15h OFLG/402
Prof. Makoto Uchida, visitor, Fuel Cell Nanomaterials Center, University of Yamanashi, Kofu, Yamanashi, Japan Improvement of cell performance in low-Pt-loading cathode catalyst layers prepared by the electrospray method for PEFCs T.J. Schmidt

Wednesday 31 May 2017
Xi Cheng Oxygen evolution reaction on Perovskites: A combined experimental and theoretical study E. Fabbri

Wednesday 24 May 2017
--- No Seminar ---

Wednesday 24 May 2017
15-16h OFLA/209
one speaker Internal Seminar C. Villevieille

Thursday 18 May 2017
11-12h PSI Auditorium West WHGA/001; 12:30h Poster session SLS entrance
Prof. Hans-Joachim Freund, Department of Chemical Physics, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany *PSI Catalysis Symposium*
Model systems in heterogeneous catalysis at the atomic level

Wednesday 17 May 2017
--- No Seminar ---

Wednesday 10 May 2017
9-16:30h PSI Auditorium West WHGA/001
5 speakers 33rd PSI Electrochemistry Symposium: From the Lab to the Market T.J. Schmidt

Tuesday 9 May 2017
9:30-17h PSI Auditorium West WHGA/001
8 speakers 5th SCCER Heat & Storage Symposium
T.J. Schmidt/J. Roth

Wednesday 3 May 2017
Giulio Ferraresi Thin film electrodes to bridge the gap between conventional Li-ion and All-solid-state Li-ion batteries X. Wu

Wednesday 26 April 2017
Jens Eller Operando tomographic imaging of liquid water dynamics in PEFC gas diffusion layers F.N. Büchi

Friday 21 April 2017
11-12h ODRA/111
Dr. Marie-Liesse Doublet, visitor, Institut Charles Gerhardt, Université Montpellier, Montpellier, France Conceptual vs. computational approaches to high energy density materials for Li-ion batteries C. Villevieille

Wednesday 19 April 2017
Sebastian Henning Bimetallic aerogels: Effect of acid washing and challenges for PEFC implementation J. Herranz

Thursday 13 April 2017
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Susan Taylor ENE-Seminar
All-Vanadium redox flow batteries – Insights into the kinetics of the positive and negative half-cell reactions at carbon based electrodes
T.J. Schmidt

Thursday 6 April 2017
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Dr. Sigita Trabesinger ENE-Seminar
Tenure Track Presentation: Advanced Li-ion and Post-Li-ion batteries for future energy storage
P. Novák

Friday 31 March 2017
9-10h OHSA/E13
one speaker Internal Seminar S. Trabesinger

Thursday 30 March 2017
9:30-10:30h OSGA/EG6
Ing. Petr Krtil, Csc, visitor, J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic Rational design of alloy electrocatalysts – Nuts and bolts of multifunctional catalyst optimisation D. Abbott

Wednesday 29 March 2017
Muriel Siegwart Advanced neutron imaging techniques for fuel cell characterization P. Boillat

Wednesday 22 March 2017
Prof. Arnulf Latz, visitor, HIU, DLR, Germany Theory based modeling and simulation of batteries: Lithium insertion and beyond from microstructure to cell scale S. Trabesinger

Wednesday 15 March 2017
Mauro Povia New Ir-based materials to improve the oxygen evolution reaction activity E. Fabbri

Wednesday 8 March 2017
Victoria Manzi Orezzoli Patterned wettability GDLs with a microporous layer P. Boillat

Thursday 2 March 2017
9:30-10:30h OFLG/402
one speaker Internal Seminar S. Trabesinger

Wednesday 1 March 2017
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Michel Suermann ENE-Seminar
High pressure polymer electrolyte water electrolysis
F. Büchi

Friday 24 February 2017
13-14:30h Auditorium West WHGA/001
Prof. T.J. Schmidt, Head of Electrochemistry Laboratory ENE-Seminar
LEC Activities 2016 / Outlook 2017
A. Wokaun

Wednesday 22 February 2017
10:30-11:30h OFLG/402
Prof. Peter G. Bruce, visitor, University of Oxford, Department of Materials, Oxford, Great Britain Storing energy with oxygen: oxygen redox chemistry in solids and aprotic solvents P. Novák

Wednesday 15 February 2017
--- No Seminar ---

Thursday 9 February 2017
9:30-10:30h OFLG/402
one speaker Internal Seminar C. Villevieille

Wednesday 8 February 2017
Eibar Flores Cedeño Operando, surface-enhanced vibrational spectroscopy for Li-ion batteries E.J. Berg

Wednesday 1 February 2017
Daniel Abbott Understanding and addressing the challenges of oxygen electrocatalysis in water electrolysis applications E. Fabbri

Wednesday 25 January 2017
Christoph Bolli Investigation of electrolyte additive reaction mechanisms with online electrochemical mass spectrometry (OEMS) A. Guéguen

Wednesday 18 January 2017
--- No Seminar ---

Wednesday 11 January 2017
Adrien Lamibrac Gas and water transport in gas diffusion layers of polymer electrolyte fuel cells F. Büchi

Friday 6 January 2017
10-11h OFLG/402
one speaker Internal Seminar C. Villevieille

Wednesday 4 January 2017
-- No ECL Seminars December 14, 2016 until January 10, 2017 ---