LEC Seminar

Die Seminare finden im Raum ODRA/111 jeweils am Mittwoch um 16:00 Uhr statt. Externe Gäste (ausserhalb des PSI) sind willkommen, werden aber gebeten, sich im Labor-Sekretariat bei Frau Cordelia Gloor unter Tel.: +41 56 310 2919 oder per e-mail anzumelden.

Lectures take place in room ODRA/111 on every Wednesday at 4:00 pm. External guests (from outside PSI) are welcome, but are requested to register with our secretary Cordelia Gloor at phone: +41 56 310 2919 or via e-mail.
Date Speaker Topic Moderator

Wednesday 5 September 2018
tbd tbd tbd

--- No ECL seminars, Summer Holidays July 19-August 31, 2018 ---

Wednesday 18 July 2018
Eibar Flores Cedeño tbd tbd

Wednesday 11 July 2018
tbd tbd tbd

Wednesday 4 July 2018
tbd tbd tbd

Wednesday 27 June 2018
Kathrin Ebner tbd tbd

Wednesday 20 June 2018
Adrian Mularczyk tbd tbd

Thursday 14 June 2018
11-12h PSI Auditorium West WHGA/001; 12:30h Poster session SLS entrance
Prof. Ib Chockendorff, DTU Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark PSI Catalysis Symposium: tbd T.J. Schmidt/A. Pătru

Wednesday 6 June 2018
Daniel Abbott tbd tbd

Wednesday 30 May 2018
Arnaud Morin, visitor, Ingénieur - Chercheur Laboratoire d’Innovation pour les Technologies des Energies nouvelles et les Nanomatériaux, Grenoble, France tbd P. Boillat

Wednesday 30 May 2018
14-14:45h OHSA/E13
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Tuesday 29 May 2018
tbd tbd
one speaker Internal Seminar P. Boillat/C. Villevieille

We-Fr 23-25 May 2018
Hotel Du Parc, Baden, Switzerland
several speakers 1st Swiss & Surrounding Battery Days
PSI/ECL and SCCER Heat&Electricity Storage
C. Villevieille, C. Marino & Scientific Committee

Wednesday 23 May 2018
Prof. Ulrike Kramm, visitor, TU-Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany Development of non-precious metal catalysts for energy applications J. Herranz

Wednesday 16 May 2018
--- No Seminar ---

Wednesday 9 May 2018
Mauro Povia SAXS and XAS apparatus for in situ and operando characterization of Pt on carbon and IrO2 catalysts J. Herranz

Thursday 3 May 2018
14-15h OVGA/999/SIZ
one speaker Internal Seminar T.J. Schmidt/A. Patru

Wednesday 2 May 2018
Prof. Fabio La Mantia, visitor, Chair of Energiespeicher- und Energiewandlersysteme. Director of Advanced Energy Systems Institute, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany Investigating the evolution of electrochemical processes by means of dynamic impedance spectroscopy S. Trabesinger

Friday 27 April 2018
14-15h ODRA/111
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Friday 27 April 2018
13-14h tbd
one speaker Internal Seminar F. Büchi

Wednesday 25 April 2018
9:30-16:30h PSI Auditorium West WHGA/001
6 speakers 34th PSI Electrochemistry Symposium:
Pushing Limits of Characterization in Electrochemistry
ECL Group Leaders

Tuesday 24 April 2018
14:30-15:30h OFLG/401
one speaker Internal Seminar T.J. Schmidt/A. Patru

Wednesday 18 April 2018
Daniele Perego CO2 reduction to valuable products: a differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS) study J. Herranz

Wednesday 18 April 2018
10:45-11:45h OHSA/E13
one speaker Internal Seminar F. Büchi

Thursday/Friday 12-13 April 2018
Aarau, Switzerland www.kuk-aarau.ch
9 speakers ModVal2018 - 15th Symposium on Modeling and Validation of Electrochemical Energy Devices www.modval2018.ch F. Büchi, E.J. Berg, J. Eller, L. Gubler

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Muriel Siegwart PEFC Cold-start and water management studies with advanced neutron imaging methods P. Boillat

Thursday 5 April 2018
11-12h OSGA/EG6
Mario El Kazzi ENE-Seminar
Tenure II Presentation: 5 years of electrolytes/electrodes interface investigation in Li-ion batteries using photoelectron spectroscopy
P. Novák

Wednesday 4 April 2018
14-15h OHSA/E13
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Wednesday 28 March 2018
Christoph Bolli In situ monitoring of F- formation in lithium ion batteries by OEMS P. Kitz

Wednesday 21 March 2018
Yuri Surace Development of SnO2-graphite-based electrodes with long term cycling stability F. Jeschull

Wednesday 14 March 2018
--- No seminar ---

Wednesday 7 March 2018
Marta Mirolo Nanoscale spectroscopy applied to Li-ion batteries: post mortem XPEEM analysis on cycled NCA D. Leanza

Wednesday 28 February 2018
Hong Xu Towards subsecond operando X-ray Tomographic Imaging of PEFC J. Eller

Wednesday 21 February 2018
Aurélie Guéguen Online Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry as a tool to investigate side-reactions in Li-ion batteries Ch. Bolli

Wednesday 21 February 2018
14:30-15:30h OFLG/402
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Friday 16 February 2018
9:30-10:30h OHSA/B17
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Wednesday 14 February 2018
Alexandra Pătru Progress in electrochemical CO2 reduction in gas phase – design of efficient CO-electrolyser systems T.J. Schmidt

Wednesday 14 February 2018
10-11h ODRA/111
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Thursday 8 February 2018
9:30-10:30h OHSA/E13
one speaker Internal Seminar S. Trabesinger

Wednesday 7 February 2018
Mateusz Zlobinski Neutron imaging of water and gas distribution in PEM water electrolyzer P. Boillat

Wednesday 31 January 2018
--- No seminar ---

Tuesday 30 January 2018
14-15h OFLG/402
one speaker Internal Seminar L. Gubler

Wednesday 24 January 2018
--- No seminar ---

Monday 15 January 2018
14-15:30h OFLG/402
Elena Marelli Layered materials: from structural characterisation to practical applications E. Fabbri/M. Medarde

Thursday 11 January 2018
11-12h Auditorium West
T.J. Schmidt ENE-Seminar:
ECL/LEC Activities 2017 / Outlook 2018
T.J. Schmidt