Fuel Cell Systems

Belenos System.jpg In collaboration with industrial partners the group is developing fuel cell stacks and systems with power requirements up to 30 kW up to the level of prototypes with full functionality. Today we are specialized in systems operating on pure oxygen and hydrogen. Further hydrogen and fuel cell related demonstration projects are accompanied. Current and past projects are briefly described below.

Belenos Fuel Cell Car

In collaboration with Belenos Clean Power Holding Belenos Clean Power AG, two generations of drive trains for lightweight cars were developed. This activity has received the Watt d'Or award in Watt d'Or award in 2011.

Post Bus

In the frame of the FCH-JU project CHIC, Postauto Post Bus five fuel cell driven Citaro buses in daily use in the regular public transportation system in the canton of Aargau. PSI supports this project by analysis of the energy chain. The project was awarded Watt d'Or in 2012.

Hy.Muve Road Sweeper

hy.muve stands for "hydrogen-driven municipal vehicle". It is a joint project between EMPA, PSI, CCEM, Bucher Schörling, BRUSA, Messer and others. A prototype of a compact road sweeper CityCat propelled with a fuel cell system is developed tested. The vehicle is currently evaluated in different Swiss cities under real live conditions. This test is accompanied by socio-economical studies to develop strategies for bringing fuel cell driven systems to the market. More information can be found here.

Hy.Light Car

In collaboration with Michelin a oxygen/hydrogen fuel cell system for the fuel cell based power train of the HY.LIGHT car was developed and built.

Pac Car II

This is a ETHZ project developing a vehicle PAC-Car II. The fuel cell stack was provided by PSI. Using hydrogen as the fuel, PAC-Car II covers a distance of 5385 km with the energy contained in 1l of gasoline.This is the current record of minimum consumption at the shell eco-marathon.


A new stack generation for mobile systems in the kW-range with innovative features such as internal gas humidification has been developed and characterized in collaboration with ETHZ and industrial partners. The applicability was demonstrated in the portable system PowerPac.

VW Bora

The 30 kW fuel cell powered VW Bora was created 1998. The system was realized in a collaboration of Volkswagen, PSI and ETH Zürich.

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