About LEC

Our Mission

Advancement of electrochemical energy storage and conversion by
  • developing novel electrochemical materials, cells and devices
  • providing insight into electrochemical materials, cells and device properties.

PSI’s Electrochemistry Laboratory is Switzerland’s largest Center for Electrochemical Research. Our mission is to advance the scientific and technological understanding of electrochemical energy storage and conversion specifically in the context of a sustainable energy system, in which renewable energy is required to be stored in secondary batteries or chemicals as e.g., hydrogen and (re-)converted into electricity. Our applied fundamental R & D, hence, is focused on devices like secondary batteries – specifically Li-based systems -, supercapacitors, polymer electrolyte fuel cells and electrolyzers, respectively. As a Research Institute’s Laboratory we are bridging the gap between fundamental science and applied engineering by combining both academically as well as industrially relevant questions. For all outlined devices we not only develop fundamental understanding of materials on atomic and molecular level (electrochemical materials sciences and electrocatalysis), but also on the applied development of technical cells and devices, e.g., fuel cell systems.

On all technical complexity levels, we are developing and utilizing advanced in situ diagnostic tools to gain insights on properties and processes from the nanometer to the centimeter scale, respectively, often making use of PSI’s unique large scale facilities.