Laboratory of Biomolecular Research (LBR)

The Laboratory of Biomolecular Research at the Department of Biology and Chemistry at PSI consists of five research groups pursuing basic research projects in the fields of transmembrane signaling and transport and dynamic protein interaction networks. With its close contacts to beamline scientists at the Swiss Synchrotron Light Source (SLS) and its excellent infrastructure, LBR is an attractive environment for Ph. D. students and postdocs interested in structure/function analysis of complex biological systems.
A flyer with more information about LBR is available as a PDF file in english and german.

Scientific highlights and news

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10. August 2015

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New details of the transmission of stimuli in living organisms unveiled

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Researchers unveil new details of how cells in a living organism process stimuli. So-called G-proteins, which help conduct external stimuli that reach a cell into its interior, play a central role here. For the first time, the study shows which parts of the G-proteins are vital for their function. Researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, ETH Zurich, the pharmaceutical company Roche and the British MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology report their results in the journals Nature and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.

26. May 2015

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Together, not alone

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Decoding biomolecules at SwissFEL and SLS
Proteins are a coveted but stubborn research object. A method developed for x-ray free-electron lasers and PSI’s future SwissFEL should now help researchers to make good headway in this field. It involves x-raying many small, identical protein samples consecutively at short intervals, thereby avoiding the main problem that protein research has faced thus far: producing samples in a sufficient size.