by Julia Schmale and Katrianne Lehtipalo

The Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition (ACE) happens between 20 December 2016 and 20 March 2017 and will explore the Southern Ocean by travelling around Antarctica. PSI is participating with its project “Study of pre-industrial-like aerosol climate effects” (SPACE). This blog will provide snapshots of our experiences during the expedition to the extent possible as means of communication are very limited. For detailed information on the ACE-SPACE project, check out the project webpage.

1 May 2017

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Videos from the expedition

10 April 2017

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Flying fish

Flying fish and other peculiarities

30 March 2017

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Crossing the equator

How to keep cool at the equator

27 March 2017

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Back to Sea

Leg 4 from Cape Town to Europe starts

24 March 2017

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Circumnavigation completed

In 90 days around Antarctica

16 March 2017

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Last stop before Cape Town

15 March 2017

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South Sandwich Islands

Volcanic eruption on the South Sandwich Islands

6 March 2017

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South Georgia

First stop on the last leg

5 March 2017

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Diego Ramirez Island

Last stop before Punta Arenas: A sub-antarctic island

4 March 2017

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Peter I Island

Supreme weather at Peter I Island

15 February 2017

Blog9 SipleBay icecrystals teaser.jpg

Siple Island

Birds and particles on and around Siple Island

15 February 2017

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Balleny Islands

Working in the storm

9 February 2017

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Four days at the Mertz Glacier, East Antarctica

27 January 2017

Blog6 FuriousFifties teaser.jpg

A storm at the latitude of the infamous "Furious Fifties"

Finally, when crossing the furious fifties, we get into a real storm

16 January 2017

Blog5 HeardIsland teaser.jpg

Heard Island

Wonders of the Southern Ocean

6 January 2017

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Crozet Islands

From Prince Edward Islands to Kerguelen: Going ashore on Possession Island

28 December 2016

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Off Cape Town

First days at sea: Hefty winds after a calm start.

20 December 2016

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Ready To Sail

After 5 days in Cape Town all instruments are up and running. The ACE-SPACE team is ready to sail.

19 December 2016

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Press conference

Press conference in Cape Town, South Africa

13 December 2016


Getting Ready

Equipping the Atmospheric Measurement Container