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Scientific Highlights

15 novembre 2023
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Sustainable Group-IV Active Photonics Research Sinergia Project granted

We are excited to announce that our joint Sinergia Project: Sustainable Group-IV Active Photonics Research (SUGAR) has been approved for funding by the SNSF and will start in the spring of 2024. SUGAR is an interdisciplinary project that aims to develop a more sustainable photonics platform, based on group IV elements (Si, Ge, Sn). The proposal emphasizes sustainability throughout the entire device life-cycle, incorporating life cycle assessment (LCA) from extraction to end-of-life.

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10 novembre 2023
Kirsten Moselund & Helmut Schift

Park Innovaare Cleanroom Name is: PICO

We are happy to announce that the new Cleanroom Name in the Park Innovaare will be PICO = Park Innovaare Cleanroom for Optics and innovation.

Next Step – we will work on a Logo (ideas welcome), together with PiA.
The winner of the naming contest: Helmut Schift

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16 octobre 2023
Cornelius Hempel

Open Quantum Institute launch

Dr. Cornelius Hempel, head of the Ion Trap Quantum Computation group at LNQ’s ETHZ-PSI Quantum Computing Hub, spoke to SRF to explain how quantum computers work and how future versions of these devices can be used to solve some of the big problems of our time. 

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22 septembre 2022

Alexander Grimm wins 2022 Nicholas Kurti prize

We are happy to announce that Alex has been awarded the 2022 Nicholas Kurti Science prize. The prize recognises his work on non-linear effects in Josephson junctions for quantum information processing.

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14 septembre 2022

Capturing control errors in quantum annealing

The real-world application of this type of quantum computing gets one step closer with a new method to capture errors while qubits are talking to each other.

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20 juillet 2022

Solving the unsolvable

Large Research Facilities Future Technologies Data Science

PSI and ETH Zurich have founded the Quantum Computing Hub, where top researchers work together on concepts for quantum computers.

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14 septembre 2023

Der Wettlauf um den Quantencomputer

Der Wettlauf um den QuantencomputerForschung online erleben

Sehen Sie hier die Aufzeichnung des Live-Video-Rundgangs vom 23. August 2023



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28 juin 2023


LNQ-BBQ on 27.06.2023

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16 mai 2022

LNQ Kick-off

On April 11th, we had the opportunity to celebrate the kick-off meeting of the new Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Technologies (LNQ), and many had the chance to meet their new colleagues for the first time. Presently, our lab joins together two cleanroom-technology focused groups, Nanotechnology led by Dr. Vitaliy Guzenko and Advanced Nanomanufacturing by Dr. Helmut Schift, respectively, with groups focusing on three different technology platforms in quantum computing. These are Ion trap Quantum Computing led by Dr. Cornelius Hempel, Superconducting Quantum Circuits that is an extension of Prof. Andreas Wallraff's activities at ETHZ, and Neutral Atoms Quantum Engineering, which will be led by Prof. Wenchao Xu joining in August.

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15 novembre 2021
Keyence optical 3D Profiler

New Confocal Microscope Keyence VK-X3100

Keyence VK-X3100 is a  non-contact 3D surface profiler. It enables capturing images and performing the profile, roughness and film thickness analysis. The measurement head is equipped with semiconductor laser with the wave length of 404 nm and white LED. To reach the best performance, it uses laser confocal scanning, focus variation, adn while light interferometry  measurement methods. The motorized sample stage allows for automatic inspection of up to 200mm wafers.

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14 septembre 2020

Installation of SPTS Rapier Deep Reactive Ion Etcher

SPTS Rapier system for Si deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) is released for user operation. The system is acquired by PSI as a part of SNF R’Equip project “Advanced Si DRIE tool for highly uniform ultra-deep structuring (SiDRY)”. This versatile tool is equipped with pulsed bias option and sensitive ClaritasTM optical end point detection system. Electrostatic clamping and wafer edge protection systems are both available for three wafer diameters – 100 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm.

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