Superconducting Quantum Circuits Group


The Superconducting Quantum Circuits group is active in research, development, and education at the ETH Zürich - PSI Quantum Computing Hub. The group's research activities are centered around development, fabrication, testing and operation of devices based on superconducting quantum circuits for quantum computing applications.

Our lab hosts large dilution refrigerator systems and microwave equipment for parallel coherent control of tens of superconducting qubits. Our research and engineering staff also works at the Laboratory for Nano and Quantum Technologies' cleanroom to produce new devices.

The lab’s research is focused on the demonstration of quantum error correction codes and near-term applications of quantum algorithms, the development of 3D-integrated superconducting chip assemblies for large-scale devices, process refinement targeting higher qubit coherence times, and software development for automated tune-up and calibration of superconducting quantum circuits.

Both our scientific and technical developments are performed in close collaboration with the Quantum Device Lab at ETH Zürich