327-2104-00L - Inorganic Thin Films Processing, Properties and Applications

Semester Spring Semester 2019
Lecturers T. Lippert and C. W. Schneider
Periodicity yearly course
ECTS Points 2 ECTS Points can be obtained

Time 13:00-15:00 (start at 12:45 with a possible break of 15 min.)
Location HCI D8
Lecture Notes Will be handed out at the first lecture (free of charge)
Date 2019 Topic Lecturer
February 20 General Introduction C. W. Schneider
February 27 Fundamentals I C. W. Schneider
March 06 Fundamentals II C. W. Schneider
March 13 Fundamentals III C. W. Schneider
March 20 Fundamentals IV C. W. Schneider
March 27 Deposition Techniques I (Non-Vacuum) C. W. Schneider
April 03 Deposition Techniques II (Vacuum) C. W. Schneider
April 10 Deposition Techniques III (Vacuum) C. W. Schneider
April 17 Deposition Techniques IV (Vacuum) C. W. Schneider
April 25 NO LECTURE (Easter)  
May 08 Thin Film Characterization C. W. Schneider
May 15 Properties I C. W. Schneider
May 22 Properties II C. W. Schneider
May 29 Properties III C. W. Schneider
  EXAM (written)  
The exam will be in English for 90 min and no accessories are allowed.
Possible dates will be discussed in the first lecture, but most probably the exam will take place on May 29 or June 05/12.

Planned are:
  • Tour of the FIRST Center for Micro- and Nanoscience (clean room)
  • Possible visit at PSI with a lab tour, including the large facilities (synchrotron-SLS)-on demand