PhD and Master Theses

PhD Theses

Mashael, Y. (2017). The Role of Decentralized Generation, Storage and Local Energy Resources in Future Communities, Ph.D. Thesis, ETH Research Collection

Volkart, K. (2017). Integration of Global Multi-regional MARKAL model and Multi-criteria Decision Analysis (GMM-MCDA), Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 24246. ETH Zürich. Download

Pattupara, R. (2016). Long Term Evolution of the Swiss Electricity System under a European Electricity Market, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 23234, ETH Zürich, DOI:10.3929/ethz-a-010635090

Weidmann, N. (2013). Transformation strategies towards a sustainable Swiss energy system, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 21137, ETH Zürich, DOI: 10.3929/ethz-a-009962867

Marcucci, A. (2012). Realizing a Sustainable Energy System in Switzerland in a Global Context, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 20555, ETH Zürich, DOI: 10.3929/ethz-a-007566975, Download (8.4MB)

Reiter, U. (2010). Assessment of the European Energy Conversion Sector under Climate Change Scenarios, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 18840, ETH Zürich, Download (2.1MB)

Gül, T. (2008). An Energy-Economic Scenario Analysis of Alternative Fuels for Transport, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 17888, ETH Zürich, Download (1.4MB)

Schulz, T. (2007). Intermediate Steps towards the 2000-Watt Society in Switzerland: An Energy-Economic Scenario Analysis, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 17314, ETH Zürich, Abstract (0.2MB)

Turton, H. (2006). Scenario and Policy Analysis of Sustainable Energy Systems and Automobile Transportation, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 16886, ETH Zürich, Download (2.6MB)

Krzyzanowski, D.A. (2006). Conditions for market penetration of hydrogen fuel cell cars in the transportation sector, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 16692, ETH Zürich, Download (4.6MB)

Rafaj, P. (2005). Analysis of Policies Contributing to Sustainability of the Global Energy System Using the Global Multi-regional MARKAL Model (GMM), Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 16122, ETH Zürich, Download (4.6MB)

Röder, A. (2001). Integration of Life-Cycle Assessment and Energy Planning Models for the Evaluation of Car Powertrains and Fuels, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 14291, ETH Zürich, Full document (1MB), Abstract(0.2MB)

Barreto, L. (2001). Technological Learning in Energy Optimisation Models and Deployment of Emerging Technologies, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 14151, ETH Zürich, Full document (1.7MB), Abstract(0.3MB)

Cadena, A. (2000). Models To Assess The Implications of The Kyoto Protocol on The Economy and Energy System of Colombia, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 506, UNIGE

Büeler, B. (1997). Computing Economic Equilibria and its Implication to International Trade of CO2 Permits: An Agent-Based Approach, Ph.D. Thesis, Nr. 12493, ETH Zürich, Download (1.2MB)

Bahn, O. (1994). Techniques de Décomposition dans l'Analyse des Choix Energétiques et Environnementaux, Ph.D. Thesis, UNIGE

Master Theses

Granacher J. (2018). New energy pathways for the Swiss Industry: A techno-economic analysis of selected industrial energy applications in the light of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050, Master Thesis, RWTH, Aachen University.

Anisie, R. (2015). Long term evolution of the Swiss electricity system in a decarbonized Europe – Development and application of the EUSTEM model, Master Thesis, EPFL.

Margelou, S. (2015). Assessment of long term solar PV diffusion in Switzerland – Agent-based diffusion model for single family houses, Master Thesis, EPFL, Download (1.5MB)

Ragettli, M. (2007). Cost Outlook for the Production of Biofuels, Master Thesis, ETH Zürich, Download (1.6MB)

Rits, V. (2003). Exploring the Diffusion of Fuel-cell Cars in China, Master Thesis, TU Eindhofen, The Netherlands and Paul Scherrer Institute, Download (1.6MB)