Sample Holders and Sample Regions

For the drawings below, GIF and JPEG images are to give you a quick preview on screen, while you may use PDF and PostScript files for printing.

Except for LTF, Facility users are expected to provide their own sample holders. Below please find drawings of recommended sample holders for the various Facility cryostats.

Quantum, CCR, and Janis Cryostat

Standart Sample Holder Modular Sample Holder Powder Holder

Zürich Oven

Oxford He-3 Cryostat Variox / Heliox

  • Please refer to the Sample Region drawing below.

The following drawings are to show how your sample fits into different cryostats, to show constraints on the sample's size and to display the sample mount flange for designing custom-made sample holders. If you design your own sample holder, contact the appropriate Instrument Scientist in case of doubt.

Quantum Cryostat in GPS Cryostat Chamber

Janis GPD Cryostat

Oxford He-3 Cryostat Variox / Heliox

Janis ALC Cryostat

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