Tension/Compression Module

Tensile Compression Module from Kammrath&Weiss

The Tension/Compression Module was purchased from Kammrath&Weiss. It is designed for using inside an scanning electron microscope (and a limited selection of atomic force microscopes) and can also be used in EBSD mode. Furthermore it was adapted for mounting at synchrotron beam lines. It allows for conventional tensile and compression experiments within a limited range for the displacement rate. The machine is controlled by a microprocessor controller (DDS-3) with limited external control via LabVIEW drivers.

Technical details

  Maximum displacement 45mm
  Speed ranges 0.1-20µm/s and 5-150µm/s
  Maximum force +-5000N
Strain measurement    
  Method Linear variable differential transformer (LVDT)
  Resolution 100nm
Other specifications    
  Deformation modes Tension, compression
  Control modes Displacement, force, stress
  Temperature 173K - 1073K (at beam line RT only!)
  Size (L x W x H) 220mm x 150mm x 55mm
  Weight 2kg
  Compatible SLS beam lines Materials Science, MicroXAS