Infrastructure & Logistics

The SLS 2.0 sub-project for Infrastructure & Logistics is responsible for all issues relating to infrastructure, logistics and the integration of all storage ring, beamline and control components. In addition to the media supply for the individual components and subsystems, the scope also includes all structural measures, the coordination of renewal and the overall time planning. The sub-project is also managing the installation processes and the integration of the storage ring into a 3D model. Furthermore, Infrastructure & Logistics also supports all associated project groups on the subject of conventional safety and radiation protection. In addition to these SLS 2.0 specific topics, the sub-project deals with all relevant renewal and expansion topics relating to the building and building technology. In focus is a cross-project coordination for the following subject areas:

  • Technical coordination of the storage ring
  • Technical coordination of Beamlines
  • Safety
  • Radiation Protection
  • Civil Engineering
  • PLC Systems
  • Electrical Installations
  • Building Technology
  • Water and Air Cooling
  • Cryogenics
  • Installation Work
  • Alignment of all relevant components

Despite the ongoing building maintenance in the previous operating phase, the time of the SLS 2.0 upgrade project is used to carry out major maintenance and renewal tasks. For example, the roof is being renewed, hollow floors are being replaced, the facade and offices are being renovated. Basically, the building remains largely unchanged and will only be upgraded for the next 20 years of operation and adapted to the current state of the art.

Nevertheless, small adjustments have to be made to the building for the operation of the new SLS 2.0. This involves a new entrance together with the corresponding access and exit, as well as various supporting measures for the renovation work. A second 16 tons crane will be installed as an important element for the SLS 2.0 upgrade phase. This means that the building has two powerful round cranes, which enable the challenging logistics concept to be implemented during the tight dark time phase for SLS 2.0.