High Resolution Diffractometer
The high resolution diffractometer is located at 25.6 m from the source which allows a demagnification for a highly parallel beam with a spot size focused to 73 μm x 16 μm. The main components comprise a high precision air-bearing rotation axis and a detector portal, both designed at PSI.

EIGER2 16M (Dectris), it has 4150 x 4371 pixels, with an active area of 311.2 x 327.8 mm². The pixel size is 75 um x 75 um, the data will be delivered in HDF5 / NeXus format.

Automatic sample changer
An automatic sample changer (CATS) is available for efficient sample mounting.

The MS2 Microspectrophotometer can be optionally mounted for in-situ, on-axis optical spectroscopy. It currently supports UV/Vis, fluorescence and (Resonance) Raman spectroscopy experiments. Mounting time approximately 4h, unmounting 2h.