Beamline infrastructure

  • Microscopes: Leica MZ16, Leica MZ12.5 with polarizer
  • Oxford Cryojet: temperature range: 90 - 290 K
  • Fluorescence detector: Ketek Si-drift detector, countrate < 250kHz, energy resolution 4%

User laboratory with basic equipment at the Beamline: centrifuge, vortex (one touch), water purification system from Millipore (18 Ώ), ice machine. Temperature stabilised (17-25° C) crystal growth room with additional 4-80°C non-vibration incubator. Large capacity sample storage LN-Dewar.

Basic biochemistry lab (WSLA/026) with 4°C cold room, laminar flow, magnetic stirrer, pH-meter, poison cupboard, water purification system from Millipore (18 Ώ), precision and analytic balance.