Teaching and Education

The NUM division is deeply involved in the organization of several schools on different levels of education, e.g.:

  • PSI Master School: annual school and practical training on the level of Master students and at best PhD students with the focus on the use of photons, neutrons and muons for condensed matter research
  • PSI summer school on particle physics: biennial school on the level of PhD students and PostDocs on dedicated topics from the field of particle physics
  • MaMaSELF: NUM is a partner institution in the Erasmus Mundus Program MaMaSELF that aims at teaching the application of "Large scale facilities" for the characterisation and development of materials.
  • HERCULES: Several NUM staff members regularly give lectures at the European School on Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for condensed matter studies, HERCULES.
NUM provides various practical training courses and "hands on sessions" at SINQ and SμS in collaboration with ETH Zurich, EPF Lausanne, University of Basel, Copenhagen University and Danish Technical University. For further information please contact us regarding SINQ courses or SμS courses.

Particle Physics Practical Course: Thanks to the collaboration with PSI, it is possible to offer students of the University Zürich, ETH Zürich and the University of Heidelberg the unique opportunity to experiment with real beams (primarily pions and muons) using the world's most intense proton beam. The students learn how to build a small, real experiment, including apparatus design, construction as well as data-taking and the final statistical analysis.

The various NUM laboratories do offer several options for student practical internships. These internships are tailored towards undergraduate students and are designed to give students an opportunity to work on topical research projects that are integrated in the research activities in NUM. This will allow successful candidates to hone their research skills even before starting the endeavor of graduate school and to gain experience with  experimental techniques and scientific work early on.

For further information please have a look here.

The NUM division offers students the possibility to do their educational research at our facilities. For current open positions targeted at Bachelor or Master students please consult the webpages of the different NUM laboratories. Further general information may be obtained here.

The NUM division offers numerous positions for PhD students in the various laboratories and divisions. Please have a look at the current job openings. NUM-related positions start with a "3" as first digit of the index number. For further information, please contact us.

The seminars organized by NUM can be found in the PSI event calendar. In addition the NUM and the SYN division organize the dedicated condensed matter colloquium.
Several of our staff members give lectures at various universities, as summarized here:
NUM unit Name Title of the lecture Institution
  NUM and PSD staff PSI Master School link
LTP A. Antognini Low energy particle physics ETH Zurich
LTP G. Bison, W. Erdmann Electronics for Physicists I ETH Zurich
LTP K. Kirch Physics I ETH Zurich
LTP K. Kirch Nuclear and Particle Physics with Applications ETH Zurich
LTP U. Langenegger, T. Schietinger Experimental Methods and Instruments of Particle Physics ETHZ and Univ. Zurich
LTP A. Papa Physics Lab I - 1st year course at the Department of Physics Univ. Pisa
LTP A. Papa Physics II - 2nd year course at the Department of Engineering (Energy and Mechanics) Univ. Pisa
LTP A. Signer Mathematical Methods of Physics I Univ. Zurich
LTP A. Signer Mathematical Methods of Physics II Univ. Zurich
LTP A. Signer Quantum Mechanics I Univ. Zurich
LTP A. Signer Quantum Mechanics II Univ. Zurich and ETH Zurich
LTP A. Signer Advanced Field Theory Univ. Zurich and ETH Zurich
LTP A. Soter, A. Antognini Particle Physics at PSI ETH Zurich
LTP A. Soter, P. Schmidt-Wellenburg Low energy particle physics ETH Zurich
LTP M. Spira Colloquia in Elementary Particle Physics PSI
LTP P. Stoffer Effective Field Theories for Particle Physics Univ. Zurich and ETH Zurich
LIN M. Janoschek Physics of Condensed Matter - PHY401 Univ. Zurich
LIN M. Janoschek Oxford School on Neutron Scattering Oxford University
LMU A. Amato, H. Luetkens Physics with Muons: From Atomic Physics to Solid State Physics Univ. Zurich
LMU A. Suter Analysis I+II ZHAW School of Engineering
LNS M. Kenzelmann, F. Nolting (SYN) Advanced materials and their applications University of Basel
LNS O. Zaharko Neutron Scattering Erasmus Mundus Master School - MaMaSELF
LMX A. Hrabec, V. Scagnoli, D. Gawryluk, E. Mueller Materials Characterisation Methods ETH Zurich
LMX C. Schneider, T. Lippert Inorganic Thin Films Processing, Properties and Applications ETH Zurich, spring semester
LMX T. Lippert Laser for Micro- and Nanostructuring ETH Zurich, fall semester
LMX T. Lippert Inorganic and organometallic chemistry ETH Zurich, fall semester