Coherent X-ray Scattering Group (CXS)

The Coherent X-ray Scattering (CXS) group develops techniques in scanning- and time-resolved SAXS and high-resolution scanning X-ray microscopy at the cSAXS beamline. In collaboration with research groups, within PSI and international universities and research institutes, we apply these techniques to a wide range of problems in the fields of biology, biomedical research and materials science.

We are hiring! We are looking for candidates for a postdoc position in the fields coherent diffractive imaging, ptychography and tomography. For details, follow the link or contact Andreas Menzel (+41 56 310 3711).

Scientific Highlights 2016

4 May 2016


How does food look like on the nanoscale?

The answer to this question could save food industry a lot of money and reduce food waste caused by faulty production. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Paul Scherrer Institut have obtained a 3D image of food on the nanoscale using ptychographic X-ray computed tomography. This work paves the way towards a more detailed knowledge of the structure of complex food systems.