Compliance with PSI safety regulations

As a first author of any proposal to the PSI large scale user facilities (main proposer) you will need to declare your compliance with the PSI safety regulations. For more information see also our Terms of Use. By checking the respective box in the DUO proposal form you also agree to make your experimental team aware of those regulations. The text of the checkbox reads as follows:

"PSI requires that you and your coworkers comply to all the institute's safety rules and regulations while working on the premises. You must formally agree to this by checking the box on this proposal web form. A summary of the PSI safety guidelines can be found on the user office page (click to open).
I - as the first (main) author of this proposal - agree to be bound by PSI facilities' safety regulations applicable during any stay at PSI related to this proposal. I also agree to inform all other members from the team performing the experiment about these regulations.
Finally I declare that all specifications, which are made during the proposal submission are certainly true to the best of my knowledge. The samples that will be investigated during the experiment must correspond to sample declarations in the proposal. Any deviation must be declared to the local contact or the facility management well ahead of the experiment."