Safety Guidelines

Our wish is to make your stay at PSI as safe as possible. Nevertheless it is your responsibility to follow the PSI general safety instructions to protect yourself and others. Please have a look at the short instructions and the respective links below.

Safety training course

Please complete the safety training course either online or at the latest upon arrival at PSI. Badges and dosimeter will only be issued after performing this course.

Safety instructions
relevant for users of the PSI facilities

To the main proposers (first authors) of PSI user facilities research proposals:

PSI requires that you and your coworkers comply with all the institute's safety rules and regulations while working on the premises. You must formally agree to this by checking the box on the proposal web form. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the members of your team who will work on the experiment have read and understood these safety regulations. You can do so by sending them to this web link:

The most important regulations can be found in the table below:
Name of PSI regulation PSI number PDF version
Safety, Health Protection and Environmental Protection at PSI AW-01-07-02e, Rev. 5 English German
General Instructions for Radiation Protection at PSI AW-96-18-01 English,
* AW-23-96-13e, Rev. 6
Activities involving chemicals at PSI AW-96-08-09e, Rev.1 English German
Activities involving lasers at PSI AW-96-08-20e, Rev. 1 English German
* Note: Directive is only in German available, the English version is in progress. The former English directive is only for information purposes.
More safety regulations

Safety declaration form user facilities PSI West

Please download the safety declaration form for the user facilities PSI West below:

Radioactive samples

Please find more information about the handling of radioactive samples here!

Compliance with PSI regulations

Please also don't forget to declare your compliance with PSI regulation by marking the respective box in your proposal!

Contact the specialists

If you intend to work with other possibly dangerous materials and/or devices (cryogenics, laser, biologicals etc.) you are required to contact the local PSI safety specialists.