Proposal Submission Deadlines

The table below lists the periodical deadlines over the year.
Instruments/Beamlines Proposal Deadlines More Information
all beamlines,
except PX-I,-II,-III
Mar 15, Sep 15 SLS call periods
PX beamlines April 15, Oct 15 SLS call periods
ARAMIS-Alvra, ARAMIS-Bernina Mar 15, Sep 15 more information
all beamlines tba (upgrade 2019/20) SINQ - call for proposals
joint X+n powder diffraction Feb 28, no call in 2019 X+n powder diffraction call
DOLLY, GPD, GPS, HAL-9500, LEM Feb 28, 2nd call tba SµS call for proposals
Particle Physics
all 2020: Jan 13 (tbc) Particle Physics call for proposals incl UCN

This information might be useful in particular for new users not familiar with the proposal workflow at PSI.