X-Treme / X07MA:
X-ray absorption spectroscopy at high magnetic fields and low temperature

The X-Treme beamline produces a high flux of soft x-rays with variable polarization from an undulator source.

The end-station is equipped with a superconducting 2D vector magnet and a 2K sample insert. The end-station is also equipped with in-situ sample preparation system and STM/AFM. In order to prepare for their experiment, users are asked to look at the end-station webpage, at the user information webpage and at our frequently asked questions section.

The X-Treme beamline was constructed and is operated in a consortium between PSI (Microscopy and Magnetism group, SLS) and the group of Prof. Harald Brune, Laboratory of Nanostructures at Surfaces at EPFL. The funding for the beamline comes from PSI and for the endstation from the EPFL and the Swiss National Science Foundation.
Energy range 400-2000 eV
Flux (700eV) 4 x 10^15 photons / s / 0.1%BW / 0.4 A
Focused spot size exit slit µm x 230 µm (V x H)
Spectral resolution > 5000
Polarization Linear: 0 deg (horizontal) to 90 deg (vertical)
Circular: right / left