SLS Proposals

Scientists are invited to submit proposals asking for a specified amount of the user time. A call for proposals is published by email and on the SLS web site. There are two calls for proposals per year for materials science, soft- and hard condensed matter, and environmental science; three calls per year for protein crystallography.

Notification of open calls is made: The proposals are submitted to and handled by the Digital Users Office (DUO). The proposals will be selected by an independent international peer review committee on the basis of scientific criteria.
Please note:
Successful applicants will be allowed access free of charge, including logistic, technical, and scientific support.

Please respect our guidelines for good scientific practice:
This includes that authorship must be discussed and agreed upon at an early stage with all those involved (p. 28 of the guideline). We encourage you to clarify with your local contact prior to your beamtime whether you ask for user support or would like to conduct your project in collaboration with beamline staff.

Beamtime Access

Successful national and international proposers are invited to perform experiments at the Swiss Light Source. Available number of user hours per year is approx. 5000 or 70% of the total beamtime. One shift is 8 hours of beamtime.

The table below shows the allocation of the total beamtime to external and internal use.
Title Amount
User time 70%
Commissioning and in-house research time 25%
Directors time 5%