Dr. Stefan Ritt

sr.png Head Muon Group
Muon Group (3203)

Paul Scherrer Institute
5232 Villigen – PSI

Telephone: +41 56 310 - 3728
E-mail: stefan.ritt@psi.ch
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Personal Information

  • Born on October 10th, 1964 in Pforzheim, Germany
  • Married since August 12th, 1988 with Marion Ritt née Popp
  • Two children: Martin (*1996) and Vera (*1999)

Education and professional career

1971 - 1975 Elementary school in Niefern-Öschelbronn, Germany
1975 - 1984 Kepler-Gymnasium in Pforzheim, Germany
May 1984 German "Abitur"
1984 - 1985 German military service
1985 - 1990 Study of physics at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Spring 1988 Internship at the Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy in Heidelberg, Germany
Fall 1988 Internship at the Paul-Scherrer-Institute, Switzerland
April 1990 Diploma in Physics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Feb. 1993 PhD in Physics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
1993 - 1995 Research Associate, University of Virginia
• Co-Design of the PIBETA experiment
• Development of the MIDAS Data Acquisition Software Package
1995 - 2000 Research Scientist, University of Virginia
• Assembly and Commissioning of the PIEBETA Experiment
since 2000 Research Scientist, Paul-Scherrer-Institute, Switzerland
• Technical Coordinator of the MEG Experiment
• Design and implementation of the DAQ hardware for the MEG experiment, including the DRS fast waveform digitizing chip
• Development of the ELOG software package
since 2010 Group head "Muon Physics" (at present 12 members)
• Support of fundamental particle physics experiments at PSI's secondary beam lines
• Design and implementation of the DAQ hard- and software for the MEG II experiment
• Co-spokesperson of the Mu3e experiment

Memberships and services

2003 - present Scientific advisory committee member of the IEEE Real Time Conference
2005 - 2009 Editor Transactions in Nuclear Science (TNS)
2005 - present Reviewer for TNS and NIM-A (about 25 papers)
2007 - 2009 IEEE NPSS Computer Applications in Nuclear and Plasma Sciences (CANPS) Elected AdCom Member
2009 - present Thesis examiner (INFN Pisa, ETH Zurich)
2010 Co-organizer of PSI2010 Workshop
2010 - 2013 IEEE NPSS CANPS Technical Chair WebSite
2014 - 2017 IEEE NPSS Computer Applications in Nuclear and Plasma Sciences (CANPS) Elected AdCom Member
2013 Panel member for DOE National Lab Intensity Frontier Review
2013 - present IEEE NPSS Distinguished Lecturer, WebSite
2013 Co-organizer of PSI2013 Workshop
2013 Topic convener at the Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS/MIC), Seoul, South Korea
2014 Course Instructor at the 1st International School on Real-Time systems, Osaka, Japan
2014 Refresher Course Lecturer at the Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS/MIC), Seattle, USA
2015 Vice President/President Elect IEEE Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society
2016 Tutorial Lecturer at the Real Time Conference (RT2016), Padova, Italy


  • Search the inSpire database
  • Patent EP2198429A1 / WO2009043416 A1 / US8159379 B2: "Fast Readout Method and Switched Capacitor Array Circuitry for Waveform Digitizing" (together with R. Dinapoli)
  • Patent PCT/EP2013/070892: "Verfahren zur Kalibrierung eines analogen Speicherarrays" (together with D. Stricker-Shaver, A. Kolb, C. Parl and B. Pichler, University of Tübingen, Germany)


1984 Jugend Forscht Landessieger
2011 IEEE Senior Member
2015 IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society Vice President/President Elect
2016 IEEE Fellow "for the development of the Domino Ring Sampler series of chips"

My motto

"Der Weg ist das Ziel" (The journey is the goal) Chinese saying, unknown origin

"No shred of evidence exists in favor of the argument that life is serious, though it is often hard and even terrible. And saying that, I am prompted to add what follows out of it: that since everything ends badly for us, in the inescapable tragedy of death, it seems obvious that the first rule of life is to have a good time." --Brendan Gill