DRS Chip

DRS2 chip
The DRS chip is a full custom Integrated Circuit developed at PSI, Switzerland. It contains a switched capacitor array (SCA) with 1024 cells, capable of digitizing eight analog signals with high speed (6 GSPS) and high accuracy (11.5 bit SNR) on a single chip. This web site contains the chip documentation and software (firmware, drivers, applications) needed in order to work with the chip or the chip evaluation board.
Distribution of the DRS4 chip around the world
The DRS chip and its evaluation boards are available through PSI's technology transfer program. Since 2009 many groups at universities, institutes and companies joined the club. The map below slows locations to where chips or evaluation boards have been shipped so far. It is a great pleasure to see the growing international community taking benefit from this technology. Several papers from those groups are available in meantime. The intense studies of the DRS4 chip, especially in high precision timing applications, improve the pool of knowledge greatly. At the NSS/MIC 2012 conference for example an advanced timing algorithm was presented by one of these groups, which improve the timing accuracy of the DRS4 by about a factor of three.