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Insertion devices (ID)

Our group designs and builds undulators for SLS and SwissFEL and gives support to the beamlines.

For SLS hard x-ray beamlines we have build four U19 in-vacuum undulatory and one U14 cryogenic in-vacuum undulatory. They deliver high brilliant photons up to 20keV (U19) and 30keV (U14) by operating on small gaps down to 4mm and high harmonics. For the soft x-ray beamlines all undulators provide variable polarization. For the smallest photon energies from 10eV to 600eV an electromagnetic undulator UE212/424 with switchable period length and quasi-periodic harmonic suppression is used. In the range of 200eV to 2keV the APPLE II type undulators UE56, UE54 and the fixed gap UE44 are operated. The UE54 has been operated on the 28th harmonic up to 8keV. For lithography a small planar Undulator U70 shares the straight with the electromagntic undulator. Last not least, for the FEMTO experiment a W138 modulator is installed. With a K-value of 19 its fundamental wavelength is tuned to a fs laser so that short x-ray pulses are generated. SLS is a wiggler-free 3rd generation light source.

For SwissFEL we build the same mixture of undulatory U15 in-vacuum, UE40 APPLE II type and U40 planar undulatory. The speciality of the SwissFEL undulatory is that all three types have one common support structure of 4m length. For highest stiffness a closed structure has been chosen and a wedge-based drive system with smalls backslash transfers the stiffness of the support to the I-beam with the magnet arrays. A keeper design based on flexors allows precise and fast correction of the remaining field errors.

The series production for the SwissFEL undulators is a new challenge to the SwissFEL ID-team which works in a Matrix structure with people from several divisions of PSI: SYN, AMI and GFA.

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9. December 2011


Schweizer Hochpräzision stabilisiert den SwissFEL

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Das Paul Scherrer Institut PSI und die MDC Max Daetwyler AG (Bleienbach), haben heute einen Vertrag unterzeichnet, nach dem Daetwyler wesentliche Komponenten für den Röntgenlaser SwissFEL, die neue Grossforschungsanlage des PSI, gemeinsam mit dem PSI entwickeln und bauen wird. Die Massnahmen des Bundes zur Abfederung der Frankenstärke erlauben es, den Bau der Komponenten vorzuziehen und so das SwissFEL-Projekt schneller voranzutreiben.
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