The research at x07db

The research at the In Situ Spectroscopy beamline is focused on the characterization of interfaces by means of ambient pressure photoelectron spectroscopy. The solid-gas interface endstation, opened to external users, offers the possibility to investigate samples relevant for catalysis, environmental chemistry and electrochemistry. The system is versatile and other type of experiments can be planned according to the specific needs of users.  

The available cryo holder can be used to tune the temperature of the sample holder in the 173 K-353 K temperature range while the rest of the manipulator head is thermalized at room temperature. By setting a precise pressure of water vapors in the experimental cell, the relative humidity can be tuned precisely, allowing the adsorption of water on surfaces and the study of phase diagrams.  

Thanks to the precise control of the local temperature, ice crystals can be grown in equilibrium (see the figure below).

The available heated sample holder can be used to precisely set the temperature of the sample 298 K-873 K temperature range. Actual samples (e.g. powders) can be loaded on sample holders and can be investigated in situ while dosing a gas/gas mixture. Exploiting the flow tube configuration of the measurement cell, the composition of a gas/gas mixture can be modified within seconds while following the evolution of photoemission features in fast scan or in snapshot mode.