Projects: Sample Environment group

Projects, research and instrument development

The aim of the project is to increase the signal-to-noise ratio for tiny samples inside different sample environment systems. The goal will be achieved by means of a new device for focusing neutrons. Miniaturized neutron optical lenses are developed, which are directly integrated into the neutron scattering sample environment. This work is a joined effort between the neutron optics group and our group in LIN, and as industrial partner SwissNeutronics AG.

Computer control for the sample environment devices are under continuous development. The main goals are a secure operation of all devices, user-friendly access to all electronically available parameters, remote access from the office and from outside PSI, recording of all relevant parameters, and easy installation of devices on the beam lines. Presently a universal cryogenic liquid level registration device is being designed.

Cryogen-free cryostats, i.e. cryostats which are cooled by a closed cycle refrigerator, are getting more commonly used as they possess some advantages over conventional cryostats. One of the biggest drawback is the relatively low cooling power. Within this project, we are investigating different approaches to reduce the cool-down time of such a system.