Stay at PSI

We try to make the stay of our external users at PSI as comfortable as possible and to keep the formalities on a very low level such that the visiting scientists can concentrate fully on their scientific experiments and activities. Nevertheless a few formal procedures must be followed. Please find the relevant information here.

Work Permits (only applicable for users with non-EU/EFTA citizenships)1

For our users with non-EU/EFTA citizenships and without a residence permit from a EU/EFTA country a Swiss working permit is required as soon as their professional activity in Switzerland exceeds 8 days per calendar year (arrival and departure dates do count!). To ease the procedure the Paul Scherrer Institut takes over the formalities and applies for the respective permit. All you need to do is to apply in time for badge and dosimeter via the PSI DUO system. We will then contact you to ask for the necessary documents, more information.

1 A modified regulation of the Swiss migration authorities from October 2014 restricted the application of that rule from formerly all users to only those mentioned above.

Before Arrival

If your proposal has been approved for beamtime at one of the PSI user facilities the main proposer will be contacted by the respective instrument scientist to arrange a date for the experiment. As soon as possible after that you should apply for your badge via the PSI DUO system. Within that procedure you can also order a room in the PSI guesthouse, more information.

On Arrival

How to get my key for the guest house? Where to go for the PSI safety training? Can I rent a bicycle for my stay on the PSI campus? Please find helpful instructions here.