Applied Complementarity

Joint Proposals for X-ray (SLS) and neutron (SINQ) powder diffraction

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Since 2008 PSI launches regularly annual calls for proposals for a joint use of both X-ray and neutron powder diffraction beamlines. At SLS the (Materials Science Beamline X04SA) and at SINQ both powder diffractometers HRPT (thermal neutrons) and DMC (cold neutrons) are involved. The call is addressed to proposals for powder diffraction experiments in the fields of condensed matter, crystallography, chemistry, magnetism etc, for which the use of both synchrotron X-ray AND neutron diffraction is required and adequately justified.

Caused by the SINQ upgrade program there will be no X+N call for proposals in 2019. We will announce here the next call for proposals, which is expected for the beginning of 2020.