PhD, Master and Bachelor Theses, Internships Reports

PhD Theses

Cox, Brian (2018). Mobility and the Energy Transition: A Life Cycle Assessment of Swiss Passenger Transport Technologies including Developments until 2050., ETH Zurich, Vol. 25081

Lordan-Perret, Rebecca (2017). Essays in Energy Policy: The Interplay between Risks and Incentives., University of Chicago

Hofer, Johannes (2014). Sustainability Assessment of Passenger Vehicles: Analysis of Past Trends and Future Impacts of Electric Powertrains., ETH Zurich, Vol. 22027

Wilhelm, Erik (2011). Multi-criteria analysis of heuristically designed vehicles., ETH Zurich, Vol. 19692

Master Theses

Terlouw, Tom (May - Oct 2018). Economic and environmental assessment of electricity storage at small to medium scale applications in Switzerland

Linden, David (Mar - Aug 2018). Exploration of implicit weights in composite indicators - The case of resilience assessment of countries’ electricity supply

Vögtli, Tim (Nov 2017 - May 2018). Risk assessment of Passenger Cars in Switzerland

Motmans, Thomas (Apr - Oct 2017). Environmental and Economic Assessment of Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage

Schumacher, Felix (Apr - Sep 2017). Risk assessment of the European natural gas network

Dobrzynski, Piotr (Feb - Aug 2017). Estimating the Cost of Small Modular Reactors

Suter, Johannes (Jan - Jul 2017). Building composite indicators to quantify electricity supply resilience of Eurasian countries

Calabretta, Saverio (Jul - Nov 2016). Optimizing the implementation of biofuels in the Swiss energy and transport sectors

Boutinard Rouelle, Pierre (Jan - Jun 2016). Risk Assessment for Alkaline Fuel Cells

Wittman, Dalton (Sep 2015 - Feb 2016). Uncertainty in Electricity Generation Mixes

Bielitz, Conrad (Aug 2015 - Feb 2016). Environmental and Economic Life-Cycle Assessment of Battery Technologies for Electricity Storage

Jemiolo, Wojciech (Feb – Jul 2015). Environmental Assessment of current and future air transportation systems in Switzerland

Ligen, Yorick (Jul 2014 – Jan 2015). Environmental and economic assessment of current and future freight transport systems by road and rail in Switzerland

Gaur, Shreyas (Apr - Sep 2014). Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, Risk Assessment and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis of Alkaline Fuel Cells for Large Scale Stationary Power Application

Wolf, Stefan (Oct 2013 – Apr 2014). Assessment of accident risks and social acceptance for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS)

Cox, Brian (Sep 2013 – Mar 2014). Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis of a cracked ammonia fueled alkaline fuel cell for powering remote base transceiver stations

Puhrer, Alexander (Apr – Sep 2013). Life cycle assessment of geological repositories for the final disposal of radioactive waste in Finland and Sweden

Siegerist, Tobias (May - Aug 2013). Life cycle assessment of lightweighting in conventional and electric passenger vehicles

Miotti, Marco (Mar - June 2013). Environmental and economic assessment of future fuel cell vehicles

Mersch, Kevin (Feb - May 2013). Life cycle assessment of oil or gas production from unconventional fossil energy resources and reservoirs. A case study on Estonian oil shale

Chen, Yanhua (Oct 2012 - Feb 2013). Comparative assessment of severe accident risks in China's energy sector with focus on coal, oil and natural gas

Ottaviano, Dimitri (Aug - Dec 2012). Technical Assessment and Modeling of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Michaux, Edouard (May - Nov 2011). Oil spill risk analysis

Volkart, Kathrin (Aug 2010 - Feb 2011). Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS) in Germany. A technology assessment in consideration of environmental, economic and social aspects

Zapata, Juliana (Mar - Aug 2010). Accident risk evaluation of Photovoltaics (PV) in a comparative context

Boulet, Céline (Nov 2009 - Mar 2010). Comparative evaluation of selected nuclear waste disposal & CCS concepts


Linden, David (Sep - Oct 2018). A Methodology for Multistage Assessment of Implicit Weights in Composite Indicators

Terlouw, Tom (Sep - Dec 2017). Towards the determination of metal criticality in stationary battery technologies using a Life Cycle Assessment approach

Sacco, Tommaso (Jan - Jul 2017). Time Trend Analysis for Fatal Dam Accidents

Seshasai Naren, Sai Venkat (Oct 2016 - Jan 2017). Life Cycle Inventory of Concentrated Solar Power plants in South Africa. Contribution to the ecoinvent SECO project "LCI data collection: Coal mining and electricity production and distribution in South Africa"

Kristinsson, Börkur Smari (Mar - May 2016). Contributions in the life cycle assessment tasks within the NFP 70 projects “THRIVE” (adsorption heat pump) and “AA-CAES” (advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage)

Mantravadi, Soujanya (Feb – Apr 2015). Life cycle assessment of bus technologies for public transportation

Kalinina, Anna (Feb – Mar 2015). Comparative assessment of oil spill risks for offshore facilities

Hu, Yaorui (Nov 2014 – Feb 2015). Ecoinvent database update for electricity generation technologies

Mantravadi, Soujanya (Nov 2014 – Jan 2015). Ecoinvent database update for electricity generation technologies

Lordan, Rebecca (Jul – Oct 2014). Rebel Attacks against Energy Infrastructure and Electoral Contestation: A Case Study of Colombia

Tsianou, Evgenia (Feb – May 2014). Accidents in the energy sector triggered by natural hazards

Kalinina, Anna (Sep 2013 – Mar 2014). Comparative assessment of oil spill risks for different regions and facility types

Kontodimos, Alexandros (Nov 2013 – Jan 2014). Costs of oil spills caused by maritime tanker accidents

Kant, Manuel (Sep – Nov 2013). Multi-Criteria Analysis of Passenger Vehicles on the Market

Teglasy, Balint (Sep – Oct 2013). Comparative Risk Assessment of Accidents in the Coal and Gas Chains

Oshikawa, Hiroki (Mar - Aug 2013). Life cycle assessment of geothermal energy systems in Switzerland

Lordan, Rebecca (Jul – Aug 2013). Comparative assessment of severe accident risks in the energy sector using a consumption-based allocation approach

Giannoulakis, Stylianos (Sep - Dec 2012). Life cycle and cost assessment of mineral carbonation

Prasanna, Ashreeta (Feb - Dec 2012). Life cycle assessment of future battery technologies for electric vehicles

Fave, Loïc (Aug - Oct 2012). LCA of final disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland according to the updated concepts of Nagra

Corvaglia, Claudio (May - Oct 2012). Establishment of energy and transport related life cycle inventory data in new ecoinvent database

Mina, Marco (Aug 2011 - Feb 2012). Compilation and analysis of life cycle inventory data for wood energy systems

Gudmundsdottir, Maria (Oct - Dec 2011). Production process of a PEM fuel cell for automotive applications

Fave, Loïc (July - Oct 2011). LCA of final disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland according to the updated concepts of Nagra

Enzi, Claudia (June - Sep 2011). Contributions to the ecoinvent LCI database version 3 in the energy sector; economic evaluation of reduction options for CO2 emissions in Switzerland

Hecher, Maria (June - Sep 2011). Contributions to the ecoinvent LCI database version 3 in the energy sector

Klemann, Liliane (June - Sep 2011). Contributions to the ecoinvent LCI database version 3 in the transport sector

Kahlert, Heinrich (Mar - Sep 2011). CCS properties of the Mittelland Molasse: Case Study Utzenstorf

Mina, Marco (Mar - July 2011). Wood energy fuel cycle optimisation

Hosein, Gabrielle (Apr - Jun 2011). Assessing the risk of a large hydropower dam failure

Micek, Tomas (July - Sep 2010). Extension of the Ecoinvent Database, Electricity mixes

Pieber, Simone (July - Sep 2010). Carbon Capture & Storage Systems in Power Production. Assessment of Accident Risks within the Main Components of the CCS System

Belyaeva, Yulia (Sep - Dec 2009). Life Cycle Assessment of Canadian oil sand

Vanco, Janev (Aug - Oct 2009). Technology assessment of supercapacitors for hybrid vehicle applications

Belyaeva, Yulia (Apr - July 2009). Accident risks in the oil and gas sectors of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan

Boulet, Céline (Spring 2009). Comparative evaluation of selected nuclear waste disposal & CCS concepts

Papp, Katalin (Sep 2008 - Feb 2009). LCA of Uranium extraction processes

Kellenberger, Michael (Sep - Dec 2008). Update of emission factors of wood energy systems

Tehlar, Denis (Feb - June 2007). Status of combined heat and power (CHP) technology in Europe

Ebi, Peter (Oct 2006 - Jan 2007). Accident risks of hydropower: update ENSAD database

Degueldre, Natasha (Sep 2006). Update ENSAD database

Bachelor Theses

Mäder, Mattia (Feb - May 2016). Comparison and harmonization of literature life cycle assessments of deep geothermal power production.

Schärer, Christine (Mar - May 2015). LCA of thermally driven adsorption heat pumps for substitution of electricity and fossil fuels.

Sperr, Nadia (Feb - May 2013). Life cycle assessment of Marcellus shale gas.

Looser, Raphael (Mar - May 2011). Life Cycle Assessment of Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Passenger Vehicles.