Future Resilient Systems (FRS) Risk Team (Singapore)

Module 2.1: Assessing and Measuring Energy System Resilience

Principal Investigator, PSI

photo of Peter Burgherr
Burgherr, Peter Dr.
E-mail: peter.burgherr@psi.ch
Telephone: +41 56 310 2649


photo of Matteo Spada
Spada, Matteo Dr.
E-mail: matteo.spada@psi.ch
Telephone: +41 56 310 5690

PostDoc, FRS

photo of Marco Cinelli
Cinelli, Marco Dr.
E-mail: marco.cinelli@frs.ethz.ch

PhD Students, FRS

photo of Peter Lustenberger
Lustenberger, Peter MSc
E-mail: peter.lustenberger@frs.ethz.ch

photo of Patrick Gasser
Gasser, Patrick MSc
E-mail: patrick.gasser@frs.ethz.ch

Software Engineer, FRS

photo of Wansub Kim
Kim, Wansub MSc
E-mail: wansub.kim@frs.ethz.ch

Research Assistant, FRS

photo of Yiwen Zhang
Zhang, Yiwen MSc
E-mail: yiwen.zhang@frs.ethz.ch