Former Group Members

photo of  Yiwen Zhang
Zhang, Yiwen MSc.
Research Assistent at the Future Resilient Systems (FRS) Risk Team (Singapore) 2017 - 2018

photo of  Wansub Kim
Kim, Wansub MSc.
Software Engineer at the Future Resilient Systems (FRS) Risk Team (Singapore) 2015 - 2018

photo of  Marco Cinelli
Cinelli, Marco Dr.
PostDoc at the Future Resilient Systems (FRS) Risk Team (Singapore) 2017 - 2018, now Research Fellow at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Poznan University of Technology (PUT). Click Here for more Information

photo of  Valentina Ferretti
Ferretti, Valentina Dr.
Guest Scientist 2017, now Fellow in Decision Science at The London School of Economics and Political Science, Department of Management

Parsons, Sophie MSc
Visiting PhD Student 2017, now Ph.D. candidate at University of Bath, Department of Mechanical Engineering

photo of  Ayse Ozgul Calicioglu
Calicioglu, Ayse Ozgul MSc
Visiting PhD Student 2017, now Ph.D. candidate at The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

photo of  Analy Castillo
Castillo, Analy MSc
Visiting PhD Student 2016 - 2017, now Ph.D. candidate of the Advanced Power and Energy laboratory at the University of California Irvine (UCI)

photo of  Rebecca Lordan-Perret
Lordan-Perret, Rebecca Dr.
Visiting PhD Student 2013 - 2017, now Post-doc at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Basel

photo of  Emilie Sutra
Sutra, Emilie Dr.
Researcher 2013 - 2016

photo of  Johannes Hofer
Hofer, Johannes Dr.
PhD Student 2010 - 2014, now Post-doc at the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich

photo of  Andrew Simons
Simons, Andrew
Researcher 2008 - 2013, now at Simons Stotz & Co. Sustainable Practices

photo of  Kathrin Volkart
Volkart, Kathrin
Researcher 2011 - 2013

photo of  Petrissa Eckle
Eckle, Petrissa Dr.
Researcher 2009 - 2012, now at Sustainability in Business Lab, ETH Zurich

photo of  Nic Meyer
Meyer, Nic Dr.
Researcher 2009 - 2012, now Strategic Project Manager at Siemens

photo of  Erik Wilhelm
Wilhelm, Erik Dr.
PhD Student 2007 - 2011, now Assistant Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design

photo of  Jia Yan
Yan, Jia
PhD Student 2009 - 2011, now Director of Strategic Research & Development Department at China Emissions Exchange (CEEX)

photo of  Roberto Dones
Dones, Roberto
Researcher 1992 - 2007, now Technical Coordinator at Tractebel Engineering

photo of  Urs Gantner
Gantner, Urs
Researcher 1995 - 2001, now General Manager Business Unit Transfer Valves SEMI/HDD at VAT AG

Spiekerman, Gerard