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General beamline description and specifications

The PHOENIX (Photons for the Exploration of Nature by Imaging and XAFS) beamline produces a high flux of soft to hard X-rays from an elliptical undulator (APPLE II). Two different endstations at two branches provide the users the necessary tools to perform X-ray microspectroscopic measurements (µ-XAS and µ-XRF). They are described briefly here:

Energy range 0.8 - 8.0 keV PHOENIX I, 0.4 - 2.0 keV PHOENIX II
Flux (3 keV) 1 x 1011 ph/s/0.1%BW/0.4 A
Focused spot size 2.5 µm x 2.5 µm
The Phoenix Group is part of the Laboratory for Synchrotron Radiation and Femtochemistry (LSF).

Access to the PHOENIX beamline

To access the PHOENIX beamline, please consult the user information user information available on this website.