In-situ mechanical testing during x-ray powder diffraction

In 2003 a miniaturized device has been developed to perform in-situ mechanical testing at the powder diffraction station of the Materials Science beam line at the Swiss Light Source (SLS). It allows deforming polycrystalline samples with sizes of the order of a few millimetres while continuously recording diffraction patterns. Detailed information on the setup can be found in Review of Scientific Instruments 77 (2006) 013902

Most of the research has focussed on the study of deformation mechanisms in nanocrystalline metals. It could be shown, amoung others, that in nanocrystalline Ni with a grain size of 26nm no permanent dislocation network is built-up during plastic deformation, in contrast to what is typically observed for coarse grained fcc metals. Furthermore it has been established that multiple deformation mechanisms are operative simultaneously.

Other applications for this method are:
  • the study of load transfer in nano-composites
  • kinetics of the martensitic phase transformation in an fine-grained austenitic steel
  • development of inter-granular strain during plastic deformation

Within the framework of the ERC advanced grant MULTIAX a miniaturized biaxial deformation rig was developed at PSI to perform in-situ mechanical testing while applying multiaxial stresses on cruciform shaped specimens. Detailed information on the setup can found in Experimental Mechanics 57, 569-580 (2017). DOI: 10.1007/s11340-016-0244-0 and on the ERC MULTIAX website.

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