In-situ Laue x-ray microdiffraction

Laue diffraction is one of the oldest diffraction techniques. Traditionally, it was applied to determine the orientation of single crystals. With the advent of advanced micro-focussing optics at synchrotrons Laue microdiffraction has become an important microstructural characterisation tool for both single crystals and poly-crystals.

In 2005 an in-house developed micro compression device has been installed at the MicroXAS beam line of the Swiss Light Source (SLS). It allows compressing micron-sized objects (usually in the shape of micro-pillars) while recording Laue diffraction patterns. This in-situ method provides information on the evolution of the microstructure of single crystals during deformation. It allows identifying, for instance, activated slip systems, strain gradients, twinning, the formation of boundaries, etc. Detail on the setup can be found in JOM 62 (2010) 36 -

In 2005 an new miniaturized deformation device was developed that allow to perform in situ cyclic shear experiments. In these experiments a small section of the sample is scanned through the x-ray microbeam and at each point a Laue diffraction pattern is recorded. This allows to generate local crystal misorientation maps, which can in turn be further analysed to, for instance, maps of geometrical necessary dislocation densities. More details can be found in the following paper: Acta Materialia 112, 184 (2016). DOI: 10.1016/j.actamat.2016.04.011.


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Movies on Laue spot dynamics can be found at

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