Teaching and education



Helena Van Swygenhoven is professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in the Materials Science and Engineering Section of the School of Engineering. Currently she is teaching following course(s):
  • Crystallography and diffraction

PhD projects

Following students are subscribed at the doctoral school of the EPFL under the direction of Prof. Van Swygenhoven (alphabetical order):
Name Group PhD project
Ainara Irastorza NXMM The evolution of dislocations during in-situ deformation with Laue diffraction
Benedikt Betz NIAG, PSI Visualization of magnetic domain structures and magnetization processes in bulk materials by neutron grating interferometry
Mehdi Sadegh Ahmadi EMPA Investigation on the Martensitic Phase Transformation in Fe-Mn-Si based Shape Memory Alloys - Their Improvement for Civil Engineering Applications
Nicolo Grilli LNM, PSI Physics-based constitutive modeling for crystal plasticity finite element computation of cyclic plasticity in fatigue
Saba Zabihzadeh NXMM Low_Temperature Bonding (LTB) of Multichip Modules by Nano-Size Silver Sintering
Zhen Sun NXMM Structure evolution and deformation resistance in nanocrystalline metals: transient testing and in-situ synchrotron experiments


The group Materials Science and Simulations frequently hosts master and summer students. Please contact Prof. Van Swygenhoven (helena.vanswygenhoven@psi.ch) or Dr. Van Petegem (steven.vanpetegem@psi.ch) for more information.

Overview of subjects for master/diploma theses
  • in-situ neutron diffraction of steel under biaxial loading conditions
  • in-situ x-ray diffraction study during compression of nanocrystalline NiFe
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