19 June 2017

Comparison of ultracold neutron sources for fundamental physics measurements

Ultracold neutrons (UCNs) are key for precision studies of fundamental parameters of the neutron and in searches for new charge-parity-violating processes or exotic interactions beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. The most prominent example is the search for a permanent electric-dipole moment of the neutron (nEDM). We have performed an experimental comparison of the leading UCN sources currently operating. We have used a “standard” UCN storage bottle with a volume of 32 liters, comparable in size to nEDM experiments, which allows us to compare the UCN density available at a given beam port.
Facility: Particle Physics

Reference: Bison, G., Daum, M., Kirch K., et al, Phys. Rev. C 95 (2017), 045503-1

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