Teaching and Education


Several LSM staff members give lectures at various universities, as summarized here:
Name of Lecturer Lecture title Institution
A. Adelmann Particle Accelerator Modelling 1 & 2 (PAM-1, PAM-2) ETH Zurich / fall and spring semester
A. Dehbi
B. Niceno
Computational Multiphase Thermal Fluid Dynamics ETH Zurich, 151-0170-00L
P. Derlet Spring pro-seminar course on “Projects in Statistical Thermodynamics” ETH Zurich, 327-0410-00L
P. Derlet Powder technology (part of the course) EPF Lausanne, MSE-462, fall semester
C. Mudry Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics ETH Zurich, spring semester
S. Pelloni
K. Mikityuk
Special Topics in Reactor Physics ETH Zurich, fall semester

Current PhD Students

Name Thesis title Director
Bodi, Janos Assessment of safety measures for European Sodium Fast Reactor K. Mikityuk
A. Ponomarev
Bures, Lubomir Fundamental Study on Micro-layer Forming Process in Nucleate Boiling A. Pautz
Y. Sato
Chen, Jyong-Hao Strong frustration in magnetism and for itinerant electrons M. Sigrist (ETHZ)
C. Mudry
Frey, Matthias Precise Simulations of Multi Bunches in High Intensity Cyclotrons
A. Adelmann
Gonzales Gonzaga de Oliveira, Rodrigo Improved methodology for transient analysis of the Molten Salt Fast Reactor K. Mikityuk
J. Krepel
Grimm, Manuel Nonlinear Probes of quantum localized systems H. M. Ronnow (EPFL)
M. Müller
Guo, Wentao Computational fluid dynamics simulation of convective nucleate boiling under high pressure H.M. Prasser (ETHZ)
Y. Sato
Jekal, So Young Geometrical characterization of atomic structure and evolution in atomistically simulated model bulk metallic glasses J. Löffler (ETHZ)
P. Derlet
Schildknecht, Dominik
Venkatesan, Sriram tbd P. Olsson (KTH)
R. Ngayam Happy
Wei, Zonglan Derivation and assessment of anisotropic URANS closure models for turbulent buoyant flows H.M. Prasser (ETHZ)
R. Puragliesi
Zhu, Min Multiphase coupling algorithm development and application C.S. Zhou (Nanjing Univ Sci and Tech)
A. Dehbi

Current Master Students

Name Thesis title Director
Huber, Yannick
A. Adelmann
Koivisto, Tuomo
Tomic, Gabriel
K. Mikityuk