About LSM

Mission statement

The Laboratory for Scientific Computing and Modelling provides theoretical support to experimentalists working at PSI and fosters in this way the scientific interaction and exchange between PSI researchers.


The LSM shall
  • bring the modelling community at PSI closer together
  • support the definition of overarching and interdisciplinary science cases across laboratories and divisions
  • become the centralised PSI location for all research projects that have a significant simulation component
  • deliver input for the definition of new experiments at PSI's large-scale facilities, and support the evaluation of measured data
  • benefit from a joint infrastructure (e.g. common development platforms, pre- and post-processing tools, code parallelisation and profiling)
  • closely cooperate with IT specialists that participate in the development and maintenance of simulation software, and the definition of optimal hardware solutions
  • foster cooperation with other units of the ETH domain (and beyond) that have a similar mission like the
    • Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS)
    • Swiss Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC)

Core competencies


Vision LSM