Positions for Master's theses

Elastic properties in low dimensional quantum systems

The coupling between magnetic and lattice degrees of freedom gives rise to many interesting effects. It can induce multiferroic order with ferroelectric polarisation coupled to the magnetic structure or it can generate dynamic mixed magnon-phonon excitations. Strong magneto-elastic coupling is realized for example in LiCrO2, were the corresponding excitations can be probed by inelastic x-ray scattering. Within this project we propose to investigate the influence of magneto-elastic coupling on the elasticity tensor which will help understanding the underlying mechanism. read more
Contact Person:
Dr. Björn Wehinger (bjorn.wehinger@unige.ch), +41 22 379 6365

Geometrical magnetic frustration beyond insulating ionic compounds

Magnetic systems with competing interactions can adopt exotic ground states. A particularly promising class is that of the geometrically frustrated magnets in which unusual spin liquids appear, such as in oxides where magnetic moments form pyrochlore or kagome networks. Phases of correlated magnetic moments that remain disordered can couple to the lattice or to the conduction electrons. We are investigating frustrated magnets where the chemical bonding properties or the conduction state deviate from that of an insulating ionic material. In this Master project we will crystallize such novel frustrated magnets and investigate their physics using both macroscopic and neutron diffraction measurements.
Contact Persons:
Dr. Romain Sibille (romain.sibille@psi.ch), 056 310 35 80
Dr. Tom Fennell (tom.fennell@psi.ch), 056 310 32 13