LNS Reports (since 1984)

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262 Frustrated zigzag spin chains in SrDy2O4: trapped domain walls, transverse magnetization and quadrupolar interactions
Nicolas Gauthier, 2017 (Dissertation ETH Zürich)

261 Intertwined degrees of freedom in the series Nd1-xCexCoIn5
Daniel Gabriel Mazzone, 2017 (Dissertation University of ETH Zürich)

260 Investigation of the multiferroic properties of orthorhombic RMnO3 films tailored by epitaxial strain
Saumya Mukherjee 2017, (Dissertation ETH Zürich)

259 Neutron Spin Polarization and Spin Analysis by Triplet DNP Spin Filter
Nemanja Niketic, 2017 (Dissertation University of Geneva N°5134)

258 Neutron scattering investigation of the spin correlation in frustrated spinels
Shang Gao, 2017 (Dissertation University of Geneva)

257 The Spin Hamiltonian of the Spin Dimer System BaCuSi2O6 studied by Neutron Spectroscopy
Stephan Allenspach, 2017 (Master Thesis ETH Zürich)
256 Magnetoelastic effets in rare earth titanate pyrochlores
Martin Ruminy, 2015 (Dissertation ETH Zurich)

255 Interplay of Structural Complexity and Magnetism in Pr2NiO4+d Single Crystals
Shantanu Mishra, 2015 (Master Thesis Université de Montpellier)

252 Energy-selective neutron imaging for materials science
Steven Peetermans, 2015 (Dissertation EPF Lausanne)

251 Phase Behavior of Binary Mixtures and Polydisperse Suspensions of Compressible Sphere
Andrea Scotti, 2015 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°22806)
254 Dynamics and Structure of Ionic Liquids by Means of Neutron Scattering
Tatsiana Burankova, 2014 (Dissertation Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken)

253 Water-montmorillonite systems: Neutron scattering and tracer through-diffusion studies
Martina Bestel, 2014 (Dissertation Universität Bern)

250 Spin ladder physics and the effect of random bond disorder
Simon Ward, 2014 (Dissertation University College London)

249 Neutron Scattering studies of excitations in spin chains
Eva Elisabeth Hirtenlechner, 2014 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°22303)
248 Spin density assessment for the interactions of the orbital singlet Mn(II) in [Mn(Imidazole)6]2+(NO-3)2: Towards electronic structure analysis
Warren Wallace, 2013 (Dissertation University of Bern)

247 Multiresponsive colloidal particles and crystal nucleation of nearly hard spheres
Verena Städele, 2013 (Dissertation University of Fribourg N°1813)

246 Interplay of Unconventional Superconductivity and Magnetism in CeCoIn5
Simon Matthias Gerber, July 2013 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°21344)

245 Interplay between Superconductivity and Magnetism
Nikola Anna Egetenmeyer, May 2013 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°21181)
244 Oxygen Diffusion Mechanism in La2-xSrxCuO4+d Investigated by Single Crystal Neutron Diffraction and Oxygen Isotope Back Exchange
Ravichandra Reddy Sura, December 2012 (Dissertation University of Rennes)

243 Excitations and Criticality in Quantum Magnets
Philip L. H. Merchant, December 2012 (Dissertation University College London)
241 Phase transitions and oxygen ordering in La2CoO4+d and (T, T’)-La2CuO4: single crystal growth and structural studies using synchrotron and neutron diffraction methods
Loïc Le Dréau, July 2011 (Dissertation University of Rennes N°4366)

240 Neutron Scattering Analysis of Statical and dynamical properties of Na0.71CoO2 and La2CoO4.14
Mattia Mena, January 2011 (Diplomarbeit)

239 ARPES Investigations on in Situ PLD Grown YBa2Cu3O7-δ
Yasmine Sassa, February 2011 (Dissertation University of Neuchâtel)
238 Statics and Dynamics of Polar Nanoregions in Pb Based Relaxators
Gelu-Marius Rotaru, November 2010 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°18968)

237 X-ray Scattering on Ordered Colloidal Assemblies
Patrick Thomas Huber, January 2010 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°18828)

236 Novel States in Magnetic Materials under Extreme Conditions: A High Pressure Neutron Scattering Study of the Shastry-Sutherland compound SrCu2(Bo3)2
Mohamed Zayed, 2010 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°19103)

235 Neutron Scattering Studies of Low-Dimensional Quantum Spin Systems
Nikolay Tsyrulin, Janurary 2010 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°18845)

234 The Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet CuCrS2: Magnetic Order, Lattice Distortion and Spin dynamics
Julia Charlotte Else Rasch, March 2010 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°18973)

233 Neutron Scattering Investigations of Weakly Coupled and Weakly Connected Antiferromagnets
Krunoslav Prsa, March 2010 (Dissertation EPFL Lausanne N°4594)
232 Quantum Phase Transitions in a Magnetic Model System
Conradin Krämer, September 2009 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°18579)

231 Spin Ladder Physics
Benedikt Thielemann, September 2009 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°18530)

230 Magnetic Induction in High-Tc Superconductor/Ferromagnet Heterostructures
Justin Hoppler, Juni 2009 (Dissertation Universität Fribourg N°1638)
242 Antiferromagnetism in YBCO and CoO Nanoparticles
Jari Hjoellum, August 2008 (Dissertation Paul Scherrer Institut)

229 Interplay of Superconductivity and Magnetism in Unconventional Superconductors
Simon Mathias Gerber, October 2008-February 2009 (Diplomarbeit)

228 Magnetic and Electronic Properties of the High-Temperature Superconductor La2-xSrxCuO4
Johan Chang, 2008 (Dissertation ETH Zürich N°17699)
227 Neutron Scattering studies of the high-temperature superconductor La2-xSrxCuO4
Lars Mächler, August 2007 (Diplomarbeit)
226 Elaboration de couches minces supraconductrices par Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) pour des mesures de Photoémission résolue en angle
Yasmine Sassa, 2005-2006 (Diplomarbeit)

225 Magnetische Eigenschaften von LiErF4 – Eine Untersuchung mittels Neutronensteruung
Conradin Kraemer, September 2006 (Diplomarbeit)

224 Neutron Diffraction Study of Cobaltite Systems
Sabine Streule, April 2006 (Dissertation Nr. 16611)

223 Magnetic Structures and Excitations in the Superconductor HoNi211B2C studied by Neutron Scattering
Michael Schneider, Februar 2006 (Dissertation Nr. 16493)

222 Neutron Scattering Study of Complex Magnetic Properties of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Petra Häfliger, Februar 2006 (Dissertation Nr. 16489)
221 Analysis of Sputtered Multilayers and Design of a Neutron Monochromator
Jay Kumar Padiyath, Dezember 2005 (Disseration Nr. 16389)

220 Spin Dynamics of (C5H12N)2CuBr4
Benedikt Thielemann, September 2005 (Diplomarbeit)

219 Tiefenprofil der magnetischen Induktion in Hochtemperatur Supraleiter/ Ferromagnet Vielfachschichtsystemen
Justin Hoppler, Oktober 2005 (Diplomarbeit)

218 Neutron scattering study on ferroelectrics PbMg1/3Nb2/3O3, KNbO3 and PbFe1/2Nb1/2O3
Patrick T. Huber, September 2005 (Diplomarbeit)

217 Neutron Scattering Investigation of Quantum Phase Transitions in the Dimer Spin Systems TlCuCl3 and NH4CuCl3
Christian Rüegg, 2005 (Dissertation Nr. 15896)
216 Inelastic and small angle neutron scattering study of the La2-xSrxCuO4 high Tc superconductor in a magnetic field
Raffaele Gilardi, 2004 (Dissertation Nr. 15780)

215 Neutron scattering investigations of the S=1/2 quantum spin system NH4CuCl3
Michael Oettli, Februar 2004 (Diplomarbeit)
214 Magnetic Structures and Interactions in the Insulating copper-oxygen compound CuB2O4
Martin Böhm, 2003 (Dissertation Nr. 14894)
213 Structural Investigations of High Knowledge Content Materials
Dominik Schaniel, November 2002 (Dissertation Nr. 14902)

212 Magnetic Phase Diagram of the High-Tc Superconductor La2-xSrxCuO4 Studied with Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Magnetization Measurements
Sabine Streule, September 2002 (Diplomarbeit)

211 Magnetism and superconductivity of the rare earth borocarbide HoNi2B2C
Michael Schneider, Oktober 2002 (Diplomarbeit)

210 Magnetic Neutron Scattering from Strongly Correlated Electron Systems
Thilo Herrmannsdörfer, September 2002 (Dissertation Nr. 14717)

209 Effect of pressure on the thermodynamics of rare earth compounds: The use of pressure for magnetic cooling
Thierry Strässle, Juni 2002 (Dissertation Nr. 14707)

208 Magnetic multiparticle states and lattice dynamics in TlCuCl3 investigated by single crystal time-of-flight neutron scattering spectroscopy
Jay-Kumar Padiyath, Februar 2002 (Diplomarbeit)

207 Pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors studied by neutron-crystal field spectroscopy: doping dependence and isotope effects
Daniel Rubio, Februar 2002 (Dissertation Nr. 14501)
206 Investigation of Magnetic Correlations in Quantum Spin Systems by Neutron Scattering Experiments
Nordal Cavadini, Septemer 2001 (Dissertation Nr. 14362)

205 Neutron scattering investigations of the S=1/2 quantum spin systems TlCuCl3 and NH4CuCl3
Christian Rüegg, Februar 2001 (Diplomarbeit)

204 Neutron scattering study of the high-temperature superconductors La2-xSrxCuO4 and Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x
Raffaele Gilardi, Februar 2001 (Diplomarbeit)
203 Spin fluctuations in selected magnetically ordered systems
Fabrizio Semadeni, October 2000 (Dissertation Nr. 13875)

202 A neutron spectroscopic investigation of the magnetic excitations in TlCuCl3
Georg Heigold, Februar 2000 (Diplomarbeit)
201 Magnetic properties of the rare earth borocarbides RNi2B2C. A neutron scattering study
Urs Gasser, Oktober 1999 (Dissertation Nr. 13380)

200 Elektronische Kühlung durch adiabatischen Druck
Thierry Strässle, Winter 1998/99 (Diplomarbeit)

199 Kristallfeld- Dimeraufspaltung in Cs3Er2X9 (X=Cl,Br) und Cs2ErCl5
Dominik Schaniel, Winter 1998/99 (Diplomarbeit)

198 Untersuchung lokaler Inhomogenitäten in Hochtemperatursupraleitern mittels Neutronenstreuung
Matthias Gutmann, Januar 1999 (Dissertation Nr. 12994)
197 Neutronenstreuexperimente zur Bestimmung der chemischen und magnetischen Struktur sowie des Kristallfeldes in R2Pd2In (R=Ce,Pr,Nd,Dy)
Thomas Bonelli, Sommer 1998 (Diplomarbeit)

196 Investigation of High-Temperature Superconductors of the R-Ba-Cu-O Family: Substitution Effects and Magnetic Properties
Grit Böttger, Juni 1998 (Dissertation Nr. 12722)

195 Structural Characterisations of Sputtered Metallic Multilayers: X-ray and Neutron Scattering Studies
Sébastien Tixier, Juni 1998 (Dissertation Nr. 12692)

194 Magnetic excitations in the double spin chain system KCuCl3
Nordal Cavadini, Februar 1998 (Diplomarbeit)

193 Magnetische Anregungen in Li2CuO2
Martin Böhm, Februar 1998 (Diplomarbeit)
191 The Crystal Field in Rare Earth Based High-Temperature Superconductors
J. Mesot and A. Furrer, August 1997
190 Progress-Report 1996

189 Neutronendiffraktion und Neutronenspektroskopie an Seltenen Erd-Nickelaten RNiO3 (R=Seltene Erde)
Stephan Rosenkranz, (Dissertation Nr. 11853)

188 Anisotropie magnétique dans des multicouches [TiN/FeCoV]x
Christophe Terrier, September 1996 (Diplomarbeit)

187 Ordnung, Phasenumwandlung und Gitterdynamik intermetallischer Verbindungen
Reto Grüebler, September 1996 (Diplomarbeit)

186 Untersuchung magnetischer Korrelationen in Kupraten mit Hilfe von Neutronenstreuexperimenten
Wolfgang Henggeler, 1996 (Dissertation Nr. 11750)

185 Etude par diffusion neutronique des composés orientés HoBa2Cu3Ox (x=7, 6.2) ErBa2Cu3O7 et d'un cristal Nd1-xBa2-y-zSrzCu3O6.7
François Fauth, März 1996 (Dissertation Nr. 11583)

184 Temperaturabhängigkeit der Linienbreite von Kristallfeldübergängen in ErBa2Cu3Ox und ErBa2Cu4Ox
Philipp Aregger, Mai 1996 (Diplomarbeit)

183 Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Spiegeln für weiche Röntgenstrahlen
Urs Breitmeier, April 1996 (Diplomarbeit)

182 Spinfluktuationen in EuS
Ales Hartmann, Februar 1996 (Diplomarbeit)
181 Progress-Report 1995

180 Magnetische Anisotropie in dünnen FeCoV-Schichten
Alessandro Vananti, Oktober 1995 (Diplomarbeit)

179 Neutronenspektroskopische Untersuchung der Kristallfeldaufspaltung der R3+-Ionen in RNi2B2C (R=Hi,Er,Tm)
Urs Gasser, Oktober 1995 (Diplomarbeit)

178 Simulation of X-ray scattering from multilayers
Christitan Dürr, September 1995 (Diplomarbeit)

177 Strukturelle, optische und spektroskopische Untersuchungen von Seltenen-Erd-Perovskiten RGaO3 (R=La,Pr,Nd) und NdBa2Cu3O7-d
Willi Marti, Juli 1995 (Dissertation Nr. 11198)

176 Neutronenstreuexperimente an Kupraten vom Typ R1-xCexLaCuO4 (R=Pr, Nd; 0≤x≤0.2)
Matthias Gutmann, März 1995 (Diplomarbeit)
175 Progress-Report 1994

174 Neutronenuntersuchungen an Hochtemperatur-Supraleitern
Michel Guillaume, Oktober 1994 (Dissertation Nr. 10855)

173 Neutronenstreuuntersuchung von ausgewählten Lanthanid- und Aktinidvebindungen
Lukas Keller, April 1994 (Dissertation Nr. 10664)

172 Étude de composés HoBa2Cu3O6+x, RBa2Cu4O8 (R=Ho,Dy), Bi2CuO4 et CuGeO3 par diffusion des neutrons
Bertrand Roessli, April 1994 (Dissertation Nr. 10665)

171 Untersuchungen der schnellen Ionenleiter g-CuBr, Li2S, Ba2NH, NaTaN2 und LiHoCl6 mittels Neutronenstreuung
Felix Altorfer, Januar 1994 (Dissertation Nr. 10462)
170 Progress-Report 1993

169 Neutronenspektroskopische Untersuchung von Kristallfeld und Austauschef¬fekten an Hochtemperatursupraleitern
Urs Staub, Mai 1993 (Dissertation Nr. 10161)

168 Neutronenspektroskopische Untersuchungen an YbAs
Wolfgang Henggeler, März 1993 (Diplomarbeit)
167 Progress-Report 1992

166 Etude par diffusion neutronique de l'action du champ cristallin sur l'ion Er3+ dans les systèmes supraconducteurs à haute température critique
Joël Mesot, November 1992 (Dissertation Nr. 9956)

165 Neutronenstreuung an NdNiO3
Stephan Rosenkranz, September 1993 (Diplomarbeit)

164 Etude par diffusion neutronique des systèmes supraconducteurs à haute température Y0.9Ho0.1Ba2Cu3Ox et HoBa2Cu3O7 orienté
François Fauth, April 1992 (Diplomarbeit)

163 Strukturanalyse an NdBa2Cu3Ox bei hohen Temperaturen und Neutronen¬streuexperimente und Tc-Messungen an Er1-yCayBa2Cu3Ox
Willi Marti, März 1992 (Diplomarbeit)

162 Neutronendiffraktionsstudien lichtinduzierter Strukturänderungen in Natriumnitroprussiat und in verwandten Systemen
Martin Rüdlinger, März 1992 (Dissertation Nr. 9717)
161 Progress Report 1991

160 Neutronenspektroskopische Untersuchung von Hochtemperatur-Supraleitern
Peter Allenspach, Oktober 1991 (Dissertation Nr. 9575)

159 Neutronenstreuung an den Formgedächtnislegierungen Cu-Zn-Al und Cu-Zn
Markus Zolliker, Oktober 1991 (Dissertation Nr. 9577)

158 Diffusion neutronique sur les cristaux FeS2 et PtP2
Etienne Lafougere, September 1991 (Diplomarbeit)

157 Widerstandsmessungen und neutronenspektroskopische Untersuchun¬gen an SmBa2(Cu1-yFey)3O7-d und (Er1-xPrx)Ba2Cu3O7-d
Michel Guillaume, (April 1991 (Diplomarbeit)

156 Investigation neutronique sur les supraconducteurs a haute température Yb1Ba2Cu3O7, Nd1Ba2Cu3Ox, Nd2Ba4Cu7Ox
Bertrand Roessli, April 1991 (Diplomarbeit)

155 Neutron study of magnetic structures and excitations in cerium monochalcogenides and ytterbium monopnictides
Andreas Dönni, Februar 1991 (Dissertation Nr. 9403)
154 Progress-Report 1990

153 Nukleare und magnetische Neutronenstreuuntersuchung der Dimer-Cluster-Systeme Cs3R2X9 Seltener Erden R
Lukas Keller, September 1990 (Diplomarbeit)

152 Neutronenstreu-Untersuchungen der Super-Ionenleiter Lithium-Sulfid und Natrium-Sulfid
Felix Altorfer, März 1990 (Diplomarbeit)

151 Neutronenstreu-Untersuchung der Magnetischen Ordnungsphänomene von Intermetallischen Lanthanid-Verbindungen
Olivier Elsenhans, April 1990 (Dissertation Nr. 9123)
150 Progress-Report 1989

149 Investigation par diffusion/diffraction neutronique du conducteur superionique Li2S
Joël Mesot, September 1989 (Diplomarbeit)

148 Neutronenstreuung an Hochtemperatur-Supraleitern vom Typ RBa2Cu3O7-d, RBa2Cu4O8 (Seltene Erden) sowie deren Herstellung
Urs Staub, August 1989 (Diplomarbeit)

147 Neutronenstreuuntersuchungen von Kristallfeldeffekten, nuklearen und magnetischen Strukturen und Phasenübergängen in Trihalogeniden von Uran und Praseodymium, sowie von Tb2Cl3
Beat Schmid, März 1989 (Dissertation Nr. 8819)
146 Progress-Report 1988

145 Neutronenstreuuntersuchungen zum Blei-Kobalt-Wolframat
Martin Rüdlinger, September 1988 (Diplomarbeit)

144 Neutronenspektroskopische Untersuchung des Kristallfelds der Supraleiter vom Typ REBa2Cu3O7-x (RE=Nd, Dy, Ho und Er)
Peter Allenspach, September 1988 (Diplomarbeit)

143 Neutron Crystal-Field Spectroscopy and Magnetic Properties of DyBa2Cu3O7-d
P. Allenspach, A. Furrer and F. Hulliger

142 Neutronenspektroskopische Untersuchungen von Wasserstoffbrücken in dimeren Carbonsäuren
Armin Stöckli, Juli (Dissertation Nr. 8512)
141 Progress-Report 1987

140 Neutron Spectroscopic Determination of the Crystalline Electric Field in HoBa2Cu3O7-d
A. Furrer, P. Brüesch and P. Unternährer

139 Neutron-Diffraction Evidence for 3-D Long-Range Antiferromag¬netic Ordering in DyBa2Cu3O7.0 and for Antiferromagnetic Correlations in HoBa2Cu3O6.8
P.Fischer, March 1988 Publication submitted for Physica C, January 1988

138 Neutronenstreu-Untersuchungen zur martensitischen Phasenum¬wandlung der Form-Gedächtnis-Legierung Cu-Zn-Al
Markus Zolliker, September 1987 (Diplomarbeit)
137 Progress-Report 1986

135 Inelastische Neutronenstreuung an den Cluster- und Spinwellen-Anregungen der Systeme CsMg1-xMnxBr3 (0.5≤x≤0.98)
P.M. Paul, September 1986 (Diplomarbeit)

133 Bilineare und biquadratische Austauschwechselwirkungen in den gemischten Systemen CsMnxMg1-xBr3
Urs Falk, Januar 1986 (Dissertation Nr. 7886)
134 Progress-Report 1985

132 Spindynamik und (multi-)kritisches Verhalten der Cer- und Uranmonopniktide
Beat Hälg, Juni 1985 (Dissertation Nr. 7760)
131 Progress-Report 1984

130 Spin Exitations in Clusters of Magnetic Ions: Concepts and Applications
Albert Furrer, Oktober 1984

129 Untersuchung magnetischer Ordnungsphänome von HoAs mittels Neutronenstreuung
Beat Schmid, Oktober 1984 (Diplomarbeit)