Light microscopy and cellular imaging

LBR is very well equipped for imaging both live and fixed specimen of cells and tissues. Our microscopes are used to monitor subcellular localization of endogenous and heterologously expressed proteins and for the functional analysis of cellular processes using for instance GFP tagged proteins.

Leica SP5 Confocal Microscope

Our confocal microscope is equipped with three lasers providing laser lines from 458nm to 633nm. This allows us to separate up to four fluorescent proteins or dyes. It is possible to operate it between 15 and 37 degree.

Olympus IX81 Fluorescence Microscope

This is a wide field fluorescence microscope equipped with a piezo z-axis stepper operated with Olympus Biosystems CellR image processing software. It is possible to monitor up to five fluorescent proteins in live cells (see attached movie). This microscope is also equipped with 488 and 543nm lasers for TIRF microscopy. It can be operated at ambient temperature or at 37 degrees.

Zeiss Axiophot Microscope

This is our routine microscope equipeed with Normarski, phase contrast, interference reflection contrast, and epifluoresecence optics. It is also equipped with a cooled CCD camera.