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Integrität in der Forschung

Integrity in research at the research institutions PSI, EMPA, Eawag, WSL
Truthfulness, openness, self-criticism, reliability and fairness are the basis for credibility and acceptance of science.
As researchers we are committed to these values and follow the corresponding rules.

Jahresbericht 2008

The assigned consultant for research integrity assures internal and external information exchange, supports and organizes training on ethical conduct in research and consults PSI personnel on all levels. Other persons involved are the Ombudsperson (addressing complaints a violation of research integrity), many other consultants for specific issues (gender, sexual harassment etc.), and the office for human resources (for personal and work related issues).


From 2019 on, the eLearning course “Ethics in Research” 931E will be offered to all PSI scientists. In Oct. 2018, the PSI DIRK has decided that the course will be mandatory for both, PhD students and postdocs, and that is also recommended for PIs. Based on a registration procedure researchers get access to the eLearning course (part 1) and can do it within a 30 min self-study, and after attending the face-to-face course (part 2) particate in a test (part 3). For PhD students, all 3 parts need to be completed, with face-to-face courses offered two times per year. Postdocs and PIs can participate in part 2 and part 3 voluntarily as a self-assessment.

Please be informed that for 2019, the courses can only be offered at the two time frames in June and November (details mentioned below). Registration is open about 4 weeks before the face-to-face course and will be announced via PSIAktuell in advance. Shortly afterwards you will get an access link to the PSI-Moodle, and after the face-to-face course you can start with self-assessment, for which you will have 2 weeks time. After this time, you will get a certificate from the PSI Academy.

At the end of the course, all division secretaries will be informed about participation and take action in case this has not been done within a given time frame (typically 18 months after employment for PhD students).

Education course for PhD students, postdocs and PIs 2019

Registration Course 931E: Guidelines Research Integrity at PSI
Compulsory Seminar for PhD students (part 1 to 3) and postdocs (part 1), recommended for all PIs

June 18, 13:30 - 15:30, WHGA /001 (Audimax)
Nov. 12, 13:30 - 15:30, WHGA /001 (Audimax)

This course consists of three parts:
(1) Self-study: eLearning Course “Ethics in Research” to be done before June 18
(2) Participation in Face-to-face Course on June 18
Guidelines Research Integrity at PSI
(3) Answering Questions (online) “Ethics in Research” to be done before July 3.

Details will be given after deadline for registration.

Research Integrity Regulations SNF 2016

Download RI Regulations SNF (109 kB)