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SwissFEL Alvra

The Alvra end station of SwissFEL specializes in measuring the ultrafast dynamics of photochemical and photobiological systems using a variety of X-ray scattering and spectroscopic techniques.

The Alvra group has a diverse range of members, with experience in everything from attosecond science to ultrafast photochemical dynamics. It designed the Alvra end station, operates, maintains, and further develops it. The Alvra group collaborates with and supports researchers that got beamtime granted in a peer-review process.

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17 December 2017

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First Pilot Experiment at SwissFEL-Alvra: UV photo-induced charge transfer in OLED system

On the 17th of December 2017 SwissFEL saw its first pilot experiment in the Alvra experimental station of the SwissFEL ARAMIS beamline.