Advanced Lithography and Metrology

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The main focus of the group is performing research in lithography and metrology in particular at short wavelengths.

One of the major activity of the group is the operation and further development of extreme ultraviolet interference lithography. This technique uses EUV light at 13.5 nm wavelength and holographic gratings for the fabrication of periodic and high-resolution nanostructures over large areas with high throughput. With a world record in resolution for photolithography down to 6 nm half pitch, the XIL-II beamline at is the world-leading tool and is used extensively used for both academic and industrial research as well as for commercial applications. EUV-IL provides a unique test center for photoresist testing for semiconductor manufacturers and helps in the development of next generation computer processors and memory chips. At the same time, this novel technology offers new opportunities for academic research by providing nanostructures for various projects.

Moreover, we develop lensless imaging and inspection methods at short wavelengths. A current project is the development of EUV mask inspection using coherent diffraction methods. Our aim is to develop an inspection method with high resolution, sensitivity, and throughput for semiconductor insdustry. We have developed the RESCAN tool at the metrology branch of XIL-II beamline. In addition, we are interested in reflective scatterometry and imaging at visible, DUV, EUV, and soft X-ray wavelengths.

We also work on various topics in nanoscience and technology, including nanophotonics, plasmonics, nanofluidics, and nanocatalysis. Our interest is fundamental understanding of nanoscale phenomena as well as exploring the potential applications. Our know-how and capabilities in advanced nanofabrication and characterization techniques enable us to perform research at the frontiers of nanoscience.

For more information see also XIL-II beamline at the Swiss Light Source.
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Current Research

EUV Interference Lithography
EUV Lensless Imaging