SwissFEL Cristallina-Q experimental station

The Cristallina experimental station will be the third instrument of the SwissFEL Aramis hard X-ray beamline and serves both quantum science (Cristallina-Q) and serial femtosecond crystallography (Cristallina-MX). Diffract-before-destroy schemes will be employed to image biological macromolecules at work and quantum many-body states under extreme conditions.

Cristallina-Q is realised in close collaboration with the Laboratory for Quantum Matter Research of Prof. Johan Chang (UZH) and is partially funded via an SNSF R’Equip project.

Offline and beamline experimental capabilities will be uniquely combined at Cristallina and complemented by a beamline which is optimized for highly focused, sub-femtosecond X-ray pulses. The beamline layout and hutch occupation are designed for flexible movement of heavy infrastructure, such as the fixed-target instrument SwissMX and bespoke low-temperature, high-magnetic field sample environments.

Commissioning and pilot user experiments are scheduled until the end of 2024.