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8 novembre 2022
synfuel meeting 11

SynFuel Initiative Meeting

On November 7th, the SynFuel Initiative project meeting between PSI and Empa scientists took place. This was the first time the scientists involved in the collaboration met in person as this was not possible before due to the pandemic. The scientists presented their work on the sub-projects of the SynFuel Initiative to each other and had an exchange. The day ended with a tour of the SLS and GanyMeth.

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27 octobre 2022

«Objectiver le débat sur l’énergie»

Energie et climat Plateforme ESI Transition énergétique

Le débat sur l'énergie a besoin de plus de faits et de moins d'intuition - c'est ce que plaident l'expert en énergies renouvelables Thomas J. Schmidt et le chercheur en énergie nucléaire Andreas Pautz.

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19 octobre 2022
Laura Torrent at the award ceremony. Photo: EXSA

EXSA Young Scientist Award goes to Laura Torrent!

Dr. Laura Torrent, Postdoc at the laboratory for bioenergy and catalysis, was awarded the European X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) Young Scientist Award 2022 at the PhD Level for her Doctoral Thesis entitled "Occurrence and behavior of silver nanoparticles in the environment: Analytical methodologies and laboratory studies".

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14 octobre 2022

Jungfraujoch Carbon Balance Campaign measures wildfire emissions from southern Europe

The Jungfraujoch Carbon Balance Campaign is a measuring campaign within the ACTRIS project. It is conducted by the Paul Scherrer Institute in collaboration with the Stiftung HFSJG, Empa, FHNW, as well as groups from Lille (France), York (England), and Aerosol d.o.o. (Slovenia). The campaign’s aim is to comprehensively measure and characterize the diversity of carbon-containing molecules present in the air in hopes to obtain helpful information on their role in climate and weather relevant processes.

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29 septembre 2022
Margit Schwikowski

«Il était grand temps»

Energie et climat

Les derniers développements dans cette discipline seront discutés lors du congrès international des chercheurs sur les carottes de glace.

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