Working with us

Scholarship for TIMES energy modelling training!

TIMES (The Integrated MARKAL-EFOM System) is a well-established software platform for energy modelling developed by the IEA-ETSAP (Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program). TIMES is typically used for scenario analyses focusing on energy technology and policies (e.g. long-term energy system transformation). ETSAP organises an introductory three-day TIMES training course in Zurich during 13-15 December 2017. Registration and program details are available at the ETSAP webpage.

To attended this TIMES training course, ETSAP is sponsoring 2-3 scholarship for Master/PhD students from the Swiss institutions. The sponsorship covers only the course fee (commuting/accommodation cost are not covered). Interested students can apply for this scholarship by sending a small motivation letter and CV to Kannan Ramachandran via email at [kannan.ramachandran(at)] latest by 10 November 2017.


Currently, we don’t have any vacancy.


We do welcome new ideas for postdoc positions. Please contact Dr. Tom Kober.

Other student opportunities

We are committed to the training of future generations. Time to time we do offer internships
, semester projects and master thesis topics. Currently the following themes/projects are available...

Development of a web based tool for Swiss and EU energy/electricity scenarios
  • EEG undertakes numerous long term energy and electricity scenarios using energy economic models. We aim to develop an interactive web-based tool to synthesize and present the energy scenarios in our website.
  • Good programming skills (in visual basic or equivalent) and basic understanding of energy sector is desirable.
For further detail, please contact Ramachandran Kannan